Facedrink, It Gives You Social Energy

So many Facebook updates. So many tweets. So many check-ins… Keeping up with your social media life can be an exhausting endeavor. But who wants to drink coffee or shoot a 5-Hour-Energy. I don’t know about you, but I only consume products that are associated with my favorite social media platforms. Luckily for me, I […]

[Social Travel] Hilton Offers Deep Discount Facebook Sale

Liking your favorite and most used brands on Facebook serves more of a purpose than just making your profile more well-rounded- if you tend to use a certain brand or product often, keeping Facebook tabs on the company can ensure you don’t miss out on great, targeted promotions advertised on social media sites. Travel is […]

Children’s Social Network ‘Everloop’ Raises $3.1 Million

Children’s social networking firm Everloop which focuses on members from the age of 8-13 has raised $3.1 million during a recent round of funding. The company has raised money in the pass during early angel funding, however this newest round proves that their concept is admired by at least some investors in the social networking […]

Facebook Launching IPO In Q1 2012, $100B Valuation Expected [CNBC Report]

CNBC is confident that social network Facebook will officially launch their initial public offering (IPO) in Q1 2012 and the financial network is estimating a company valuation of $100 billion. According to the network the site at the time of the IPO will have 500 private shareholders which will require the SEC to demand a […]

Facebook Acquires Top Designers From Buyout Of Mac Development House “Sofa”

Dutch based Mac development house Sofa announced on Friday that they have been acquired by Facebook. Sofa is best known for their Mac apps: Kaleidoscope, Versions, Checkout and Enstore. Announced on the Sofa company blog, the acquisition isn’t about Mac apps, but rather about acquiring the company’s design talent. According to TechCrunch: “Terms of the […]

Cost Of A “Promoted Trend” On Twitter Now $120,000 Per Day

Ready to promote your company’s product through Twitter? If you are we would suggest simply handing over a blank check to the social media company who now charge up to $120,000 per day for a promoted Tweet spot on their network. Adam Bain, Twitter’s director of Revenue revealed in an interview with the marketing firm […]

UnTappd Dominates Social Beer Market With One Millionth Checkin, Gobbles Up RedPint

Untapped, the “Foursquare” of the beer market announced on Wednesday that they have passed the one millionth checkin point. The company also announced that they have acquired competing product RedPint from co-creators John Vadja and Alicia Benjamin. On their official blog co-founders Tim Mather and Greg Avola said of their accomplishments: “As with many craft […]

Foursquare and 7-Eleven Sending Some Very Lucky Customers Into Space

Location based service provider Foursquare and slushy provider 7-Eleven have teams up with Paramount Pictures’ for their upcoming film Super 8 and for that partnership they will be sending one lucky customer on a space mission. Starting today and extending through June 30, visitors to the store who are 14-years-old and up can check in […]