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French Vintage Wine Chart [Infographic]

If you are a serious wine connoisseur then you need to know which vineyards and regions were producing the best and highest grade wine for which year. Is a 1994 Château Margaux better than a 1987 Pomeral? Or what about a bottle of Loire from the 1970’s? have collected extensive data on French wine […]

Journalist Orders Xbox One Accidentally While Doing An Apple Watch Demo [Watch]

Tiny watch, big fingers, one-click purchasing. Not good ingredients for a ‘informational video on some Apple Watch apps.’ But it makes for one hilarious video that quickly went viral! CNET’s Scott Stein did the very embarrassing/accidental button press when he wasn’t trying to purchase a brand-new Xbox One off his Apple Watch but did it […]

Have You Noticed The New Snapchat Update? Smileys, Fire, And Moons Explained

Snapchat just launched a HUGE update. No more best friends, just emojis. Maybe you liked the ‘Best Friends’ visibilitiy or maybe didn’t want random friends knowing who you snapped the most? Well, away with best friends and hello to a specific line of emojis. According to Snapchat, this update will “change your life.” Are you […]

Taco Bell Reinvents The Breakfast Taco… Again

Taco Bell is known for pushing the limits of Mexican fast food. Most recently, the fast food chain has delved into the breakfast scene. With an eclectic menu of waffle tacos, mini Cinnabon nuggets and cinnamon flavored coffee, the newest morning experiment will turn a breakfast classic upside down. Introducing the biscuit taco, a biscuit […]

Dolce & Gabbana Upsets Fans Again, Internet Reacts

Once again fashion design company, Dolce & Gabbana is in the news for upsetting large groups of people. You might remember the controversy that upset gays and parents of test tube babies. Just last week, the two Italian designers, who are ironically a gay couple that does not believe in same sex marriage, told a […]

Pigs With Disney Tattoos Are Bringing Home The Bacon For Artist

It’s the last thing you would expect from a pig: tattoos. One artist has picked up the strange hobby of tattooing pigs. Surprisingly, the decorated pigs are making quite the profit for designer, Wim Delvoye. Delvoye used to practice his art in the United States, but after much negative attention from animal rights activists he […]

Valspar Paint Brings Color To the Colorblind [Video]

300 million people around the world suffer from colorblindness. Paint giant, Valspar is striving to reach those people and allow them to experience color. Valspar’s latest initiative, #ColorForAll involves a partnership with EnChroma, a manufacturer of color blindness glasses. The paint leader will give these special glasses to number of colorblind individuals to help raise […]

Burger King ‘Flame Grilled’ Perfume Will Soon Be A Thing… Maybe

It’s a whopper of a product idea: Burger King Whopper scented perfume is rumored to hit Japanese Burger King restaurants very soon, April 1st to be exact. Dubbed ‘Flame Grilled’, the fast food chain says they will offer the limited edition scent for purchase only on April 1. Each perfume purchase will come with a […]

Pope Gives Shortbread Milkshake Two Thumbs Up

As Philadelphia prepares for a visit from Pope Francis in the Fall, they immediately started with some important business: milkshakes. On Monday, Archbishop Vincenzo Paglia visited a Potbelly sandwich shop to taste several milkshake flavors in preparation for the Pope’s visit. Paglia was also joined by several Catholic school children from Saint Peter The Apostle […]

3 Trends in Social Media Marketing That Small Business Should Use in 2015

It wasn’t too long ago that businesses caught on to social media marketing, exhausting and exploiting the communication tool until it reached a plateau. Or so we thought. With 97% of small business owners and marketers using social media to engage with potential and existing clients online, focus is now on employing strategies to improve […]

This Island Can Be Yours For Less Than The Price Of A House

Have you ever wanted to own your very own island, but don’t have a private island budget? Look no further than Inishdooney Island, a private Irish island. The piece of paradise is on the market and is priced at £140,000, a little over 213,000 USD. The price is surprisingly low. In fact, the Daily Mail […]

KFC Introduces World’s First Edible Coffee Cup To The UK

Attention caffeine addicts, now you can have your coffee and eat it too!? Fast food restaurant, KFC has introduced an edible coffee cup. Unfortunately, the product was only launched in the UK, so American counterparts will have to wait to chomp down on a cup of Joe. The unique coffee cup is made of a […]

Thousands of Facebook Users Fall For Porn Video Virus

No, your friend did not post a porn video to their Facebook. Don’t even get curious and click on it. At least 11,000 Facebook users found themselves victims of the latest social media hacking scheme. According to ItPro, the malware tricks people into clicking on a friend’s infected site link with promises of a porn […]

McDonald’s Big Mac Special Sauce Goes Up For Auction On eBay

Sure, you can get some Big Mac Special Sauce at just about any McDonald’s in the world. But if you want an entire bottle of it, well, you’ll have to take out a loan and then head to eBay. McDonald’s is selling bottles of its Big Mac Special Sauce on the auction site for about $18,000. […]

Get Free Food At McDonald’s For A Little Lovin’ [Video]

A free Big Mac, sounds like a great deal, right? During Sunday night’s Super Bowl, McDonald’s will announce a new contest called ‘Pay With Lovin’.’ The best part, the prizes are free food. Only in America. From February 2 to February 14, customers will have a chance to win up to $5 of food. All […]

A**hole Brown? Comcast Apologizes For Changing Customer’s Name To Profanity

Seriously Comcast? America’s worst company lived up to its reputation this week when they changed a customers name from Ricardo Brown to A**hole Brown on a monthly service bill. Yes, that actually happened. When Ricardo and Lisa Brown received their bill this month but they didn’t see their names written at the top. Instead, the bill was […]

Weird Fast Food Menu Items From Around The World [Video]

Does anyone remember McDonald’s short-lived presence in the pizza industry. This commercial from 1990 will refresh your memory and make you want to slightly gag. Many fast food companies have made some crazy additions to their menus in an attempt to lure in customers. Unfortunately, many of them become failed gimmicks and are quietly taken […]

Invisible Boyfriend Offers Perfect Relationship Status

The invisible boyfriend (or girlfriend), the solution to all of your relationship woes. Get your family and friends off your back about your single status. Give yourself a confidence boost with a imaginary relationship. One business is making your wildest relationship dreams come true, kinda. For a small price, the Invisible Boyfriend company will supply a […]

Horse Poop Empire: Send Your Enemies A Little Gift

Ever wanted to tell your enemies just what you think about them? Now you can with a lovely gift of horse poop. A new business called Shitexpress is making it a reality. Forevergeek has the details on the crazy business concept. The buying process is pretty simple. Basically, the transaction is complete anonymous by using […]

Red Velvet Oreos Are Really, Really Real

Do you remember that hoax last year about Red Velvet Oreos? Well, the fake images stirred up so much interest that Nabisco actually decided to make them. The cookie company sent out a teaser last night… Hey Milk, you’re blushing! What do you know that we don’t? — Oreo Cookie (@Oreo) January 19, 2015 […]