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Real Stories From Butterball’s ‘Turkey Emergency’ Hotline

Have you ever wondered if you could brine your turkey in a washing machine? No? Well, believe it or not, there are some that do. Just ask the good folks operating the Butterball ‘turkey emergency’ hotline—and yes, it is a real hotline that accepts calls 24/7. The number, predictably, is 1-800-BUTTERBALL. Poultry experts stand by to […]

‘ISIS’ Bookstore Vandalized After Paris Attacks

Denver, CO. — The owner of Isis Books & Gifts says his store has been repeatedly vandalized in the years following the rise of the Islamic State terrorist organization. Most recently, co-owner Jeff Harrison said vandals smashed a store sign, likely in retaliation to the November 13 terrorist attacks in Paris, which claimed the lives of 129 […]

House Call: Uber to Deliver Flu Shots

For one day in November, Uber will be making “house calls,” delivering flu shots to those who purchase a $10.00 “wellness pack.” Your delivery comes with a complimentary nurse. That’s right, for one day (Thursday, Nov. 19)  the medical profession will once again be making house calls.

PayPal Accused of Ruining Christmas with New Ad

Bah, humbug! Some parents are upset with online banking system PayPal after they ran an advertisement implying Father Christmas doesn’t exist. Of all the complaints one could make about the service—random fees, freezing accounts, zero communication with customers—this one is most grave, indeed. The offending ad ran on Sunday night in the UK, during the primetime […]

London Cafe Called Fu**offee Told to Take Down Sign

There are some puns that are just too good to pass up. ‘Fuckoffee’ might be one of them, but now lawyers say the cafe that bears the name must remove their signage or be taken to court, citing the coffee shop’s “offensive” name. The managers of the popular South London shop received a threatening legal […]

Be a Child Of The Night With These Custom Vampire Fangs

If you’re an avid vampire lover, you’re gonna love these customized fang-tastic pearly whites. “For me, it’s an art form, it’s a passion; I love making fangs,” says Father Sebastiaan Van Houten, an author, impressario, and one of the leading authorities on vampire lore and history. He is a respected figure in the “Vampyre culture”, […]

Maids Pretend to Be Your Sweet Spouse at Ore no Yome Cafe

The ad, all powder blues and pinks with a logo of a silhouetted groom carrying his blushing bride, reads: “As soon as you know what time you’ll be home, let me know dear! I’ll get your dinner ready.” Welcome to Ore No Yome, a maid cafe in Japan that takes the concept to new heights […]

Top Social Media Jobs for the Week of September 11, 2015

It’s Friday which means it is time to see what great jobs we found this past week. Don’t forget to check our jobs page daily for new postings. Good luck!   Fashion Social Media Coordinator at DesignersCentral We are looking for someone who is passionate about fashion, able to manage social media platforms- Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, […]