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Massive Wait List For New Naked Restaurant

Have you ever wanted to dine nude in public? Thanks to a new restaurant opening in London, you can. The latest food trend is taking all-natural food to an entirely different level. Maybe that is because you can dine au natural. You can dine at London’s very first naked restaurant and everything is natural. The […]

Could A Playstation VR Porn Game Be In The Works?

A Playstation VR porn game could be in the works, according to the latest tech rumor. With every technological advancement, there is one surprising industry that strives to profit off it. The porn industry has dabbled in every innovation to see if it can make the next big thing. It’s true what they say, sex […]

South Korea Invents Hangover Cure Ice Cream

It’s inevitable. You partied too hard last and now you are paying big time. With a pounding headache, you search for a cure for your hangover woes. There are plenty of bizarre hangover treatments floating around. Some might work, while others were strange myths concocted by a group of creative alcoholics. Thanks to some inspired […]

You’ll Never Guess Where Uber Is Releasing Self-Driving Cars

In a unpredictable move, taxi super-company Uber is going to begin releasing self-driving cars in Pittsburgh. That’s right, the steel city is getting intelligent cars. Uber posted a press release on their website a few days ago about the new development that began “if you’re driving around Pittsburgh in the coming weeks you might see […]

How to Make the Best Out of Your Social Media Platforms

There are about 1.6 billion Facebook users, 325 million on Twitter, 430 million on Instagram and 420 million on LinkedIn. To put that into context, there are currently 7.4 billion people in the planet, 22% of that is on Facebook. Even accounting for bogus accounts, that is still a pretty high percentage. So you would […]

This Craft Brewer Has The Perfect Response To Budweiser’s Name Change

Beer giant Budweiser recently announced they’re temporarily changing their name to “America” as a marketing stunt. Our own Alex covered the story on May 10. But while Budweiser beer is indeed brewed in America, the company itself is owned by a Belgian-Brazilian conglomerate. The irony hasn’t gone unnoticed—or unparodied. The craft beer community likes, to borrow a […]

Sushi Restaurant Takes #FoodPorn Literally And Its Hilarious

Spend a few minutes on Instagram or some other social photo site and you will stumble upon #FoodPorn. From melty artisan grilled cheese to a simple bowl of perfectly ripened strawberries, sharing your culinary indulges has become the rage on social media. One chain of sushi restaurants in Colorado has harnessed that foodie lovin’ and […]