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This Island Can Be Yours For Less Than The Price Of A House

Have you ever wanted to own your very own island, but don’t have a private island budget? Look no further than Inishdooney Island, a private Irish island. The piece of paradise is on the market and is priced at £140,000, a little over 213,000 USD. The price is surprisingly low. In fact, the Daily Mail […]

KFC Introduces World’s First Edible Coffee Cup To The UK

Attention caffeine addicts, now you can have your coffee and eat it too!? Fast food restaurant, KFC has introduced an edible coffee cup. Unfortunately, the product was only launched in the UK, so American counterparts will have to wait to chomp down on a cup of Joe. The unique coffee cup is made of a […]

Every Baby Needs A Li’l Lager

Parents, are you tired of drinking by yourself? Well, now you can share your questionable parenting with your baby with the Chill, Baby Li’l Lager baby bottle. The unique bottle looks like a miniature beer bottle, allowing your little one to kick back with their favorite formula, milk or juice. If you ever wanted people […]

ModCloth Employees Rock Swimsuits for Body Diversity

ModCloth is best known for its indie, vintage and vintage-inspired apparel, accessories and home furnishings. It’s become a household name in its own right, and is always on the up-and-up in the name of fun classiness. Their employees decided to kick it up in promoting their latest line of swimwear by donning the items themselves. […]

Could This Be The Next Crazy Oreo Flavor? [Video]

Recently, America’s favorite cookie, the Oreo, has undergone many flavor transformations. Some were normal, such as the golden Oreo, a vanilla sandwich cookie. Others were definitely unconventional. Remember Pumpkin Spice Oreos or what about the watermelon flavor? While some of these unusual flavored cookies could be gag-inducing, the latest Oreo rumor might have your mouth […]

Thousands of Facebook Users Fall For Porn Video Virus

No, your friend did not post a porn video to their Facebook. Don’t even get curious and click on it. At least 11,000 Facebook users found themselves victims of the latest social media hacking scheme. According to ItPro, the malware tricks people into clicking on a friend’s infected site link with promises of a porn […]

McDonald’s Big Mac Special Sauce Goes Up For Auction On eBay

Sure, you can get some Big Mac Special Sauce at just about any McDonald’s in the world. But if you want an entire bottle of it, well, you’ll have to take out a loan and then head to eBay. McDonald’s is selling bottles of its Big Mac Special Sauce on the auction site for about $18,000. […]

Get Free Food At McDonald’s For A Little Lovin’ [Video]

A free Big Mac, sounds like a great deal, right? During Sunday night’s Super Bowl, McDonald’s will announce a new contest called ‘Pay With Lovin’.’ The best part, the prizes are free food. Only in America. From February 2 to February 14, customers will have a chance to win up to $5 of food. All […]

A**hole Brown? Comcast Apologizes For Changing Customer’s Name To Profanity

Seriously Comcast? America’s worst company lived up to its reputation this week when they changed a customers name from Ricardo Brown to A**hole Brown on a monthly service bill. Yes, that actually happened. When Ricardo and Lisa Brown received their bill this month but they didn’t see their names written at the top. Instead, the bill was […]

Weird Fast Food Menu Items From Around The World [Video]

Does anyone remember McDonald’s short-lived presence in the pizza industry. This commercial from 1990 will refresh your memory and make you want to slightly gag. Many fast food companies have made some crazy additions to their menus in an attempt to lure in customers. Unfortunately, many of them become failed gimmicks and are quietly taken […]

Invisible Boyfriend Offers Perfect Relationship Status

The invisible boyfriend (or girlfriend), the solution to all of your relationship woes. Get your family and friends off your back about your single status. Give yourself a confidence boost with a imaginary relationship. One business is making your wildest relationship dreams come true, kinda. For a small price, the Invisible Boyfriend company will supply a […]

Horse Poop Empire: Send Your Enemies A Little Gift

Ever wanted to tell your enemies just what you think about them? Now you can with a lovely gift of horse poop. A new business called Shitexpress is making it a reality. Forevergeek has the details on the crazy business concept. The buying process is pretty simple. Basically, the transaction is complete anonymous by using […]

Red Velvet Oreos Are Really, Really Real

Do you remember that hoax last year about Red Velvet Oreos? Well, the fake images stirred up so much interest that Nabisco actually decided to make them. The cookie company sent out a teaser last night… Hey Milk, you’re blushing! What do you know that we don’t? — Oreo Cookie (@Oreo) January 19, 2015 […]

5 Common Reasons Startups Fail

The startup scene is an exciting one, especially in areas where it is thriving. While many startup founders are young and idealistic, the scene is not limited by age or gender. It truly is full of potential, with everyone dreaming of the big exit. However, there is this popular statistic going round – that 9 […]

Bill Gates Drinks Water That Used To Be Poop Just To Prove A Point [Video]

When Bill Gates puts his stamp of approval on something, he really takes it all the way. Bill Gates’ latest charitable undertaking is helping solve the clean water crisis in underdeveloped parts of the world. Gates says more than 2 billion people don’t have access to proper sanitation the way the first world citizens do. Excess […]

Sony Unveils New Walkman At CES 2015

Sony is bringing back the Walkman! Kind of. The Sony Walkman ZX2 won’t play cassettes, but it will play just about every digital audio file you can throw at it. The Verge reports that the ZX2, which will retail for about $1120, was designed with serious audiophiles in mind. It supports DSD, WAV, AIFF, FLAC, […]

Keurig Recalls 7 Million Coffee Makers Following Burn Reports

If you bought someone a Keurig coffee machine for Christmas this year you might want to remove it from under the tree. Keurig Green Mountain is recalling about 6.6 million MINI Plus Brewing Systems in the United States and another 500,000 in Canada. Keurig voluntarily recalls MINI Plus K10 brewers made before July 2014. No […]

Are You Using These Common Words All Wrong?

LinkedIn influencer and writer, Jeff Haden, recently wrote a piece titled, “40 Incorrectly Used Words That Can Make You Look Dumb.” The article is a must read for anyone in the business world, or just someone who doesn’t want to look like an idiot. Everyone knows one misspelled word can keep your resume from getting […]

Sony Receives New Threats From Hackers

Sony is the victim of new threats from the anonymous hacker group, Guardians of Peace. CNN Money reports, several Sony employees received emails from someone calling himself the head of the Guardians of Peace describing the new threats regarding ‘The Interview’s’ future. “Now we want you never to let the movie be released, distributed or leaked […]

The Best of 2014 According To Google [Video]

Google was used trillions of times in 2014. As the year comes to an end, Google has released the top searches of the year. The top 10 search terms in the United States were as follows: 1. Robin Williams The world was shocked when news broke that comedian, Robin Williams had committed suicide. After his […]