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Pop Up Republic Revolutionizes The Shopping Experience With New App

The new fad of pop-up businesses has revolutionized the way consumers shop, dine and find entertainment. The only problem is many people don’t know about pop-up opportunities until it is too late. A new company, Pop Up Republic is making sure everyone knows about these businesses. The social media marketing company is dedicated to helping […]

New App Promises To Bust Spoilers

How many times have you been in a conversation and heard, “Did you see what happened when…” and you suddenly have to run from the room to keep from ruining that season finale you DVRed? Well, one new application is aiming to save you from spoilers, while still allowing you to talk about your favorite […]

Google Is Working To Help You Avoid Spoilers

Spoiler alert! Google’s latest project will protect you from those pesky TV, movie and book spoilers. How often have you read someone’s status and found out a important plot twist in a movie or TV show you were looking forward to enjoying? Through an automated filter, you can avoid ruining the season finale of your […]

Get Ready, 7-11 Is Hosting BYOC Day

Have you ever had the urge to for a giant 7-11 Slurpee, but the cups just weren’t big enough? Well, you’re in luck. The convenience store chain has announced that on April 11, they will make all of your Slurpee dreams come true. 7-11 will host Bring Your Own Cup Day. On April 11, from […]

Love Their Looks? Get Them for Less

Our favorite stars are living the life in more ways than one. They not only grace the red carpet with their presence and turn into visions of elegance and style in their haute couture gowns and suits, but also have all the luck of wearing wonderful wardrobes their stylists have hand-picked for them in their […]

Have You Noticed The New Snapchat Update? Smileys, Fire, And Moons Explained

Snapchat just launched a HUGE update. No more best friends, just emojis. Maybe you liked the ‘Best Friends’ visibilitiy or maybe didn’t want random friends knowing who you snapped the most? Well, away with best friends and hello to a specific line of emojis. According to Snapchat, this update will “change your life.” Are you […]

New App Takes Interesting Look At The Bar Scene

A new mobile app is changing the bar scene forever. BARTRENDr is described as a “booze-soaked version of Instagram combined with Yelp like features. ” The innovative app allows users to share the vibe of a certain bar, such as biker, cougar, punk, suits and tourists. It also lets users connect with others and share […]

Spylight App Lets You Shop For TV Fashion In Real Time

Couch potato fashionistas, something really rad is about to happen to your phones. Stop me if you’ve heard this: you’re snuggling into your favorite TV show, popcorn bowl in arm, and this really magical dress comes on screen. You’re dying to know exactly how to snag It Girl Jess‘ look, or how to to be […]

Taco Bell Reinvents The Breakfast Taco… Again

Taco Bell is known for pushing the limits of Mexican fast food. Most recently, the fast food chain has delved into the breakfast scene. With an eclectic menu of waffle tacos, mini Cinnabon nuggets and cinnamon flavored coffee, the newest morning experiment will turn a breakfast classic upside down. Introducing the biscuit taco, a biscuit […]

Dolce & Gabbana Upsets Fans Again, Internet Reacts

Once again fashion design company, Dolce & Gabbana is in the news for upsetting large groups of people. You might remember the controversy that upset gays and parents of test tube babies. Just last week, the two Italian designers, who are ironically a gay couple that does not believe in same sex marriage, told a […]

Pigs With Disney Tattoos Are Bringing Home The Bacon For Artist

It’s the last thing you would expect from a pig: tattoos. One artist has picked up the strange hobby of tattooing pigs. Surprisingly, the decorated pigs are making quite the profit for designer, Wim Delvoye. Delvoye used to practice his art in the United States, but after much negative attention from animal rights activists he […]

Valspar Paint Brings Color To the Colorblind [Video]

300 million people around the world suffer from colorblindness. Paint giant, Valspar is striving to reach those people and allow them to experience color. Valspar’s latest initiative, #ColorForAll involves a partnership with EnChroma, a manufacturer of color blindness glasses. The paint leader will give these special glasses to number of colorblind individuals to help raise […]

Company Turns Augmented Reality Into A Real Life Video Game [Video]

A mysterious augmented reality company that had secured billions in research dollars from Google is making the virtual world a reality. Magic Leap had announced it is working on a augmented reality headset. The company tweeted that it seems to have created the first fully-working demo of the technology. Just another day in the office […]

Burger King ‘Flame Grilled’ Perfume Will Soon Be A Thing… Maybe

It’s a whopper of a product idea: Burger King Whopper scented perfume is rumored to hit Japanese Burger King restaurants very soon, April 1st to be exact. Dubbed ‘Flame Grilled’, the fast food chain says they will offer the limited edition scent for purchase only on April 1. Each perfume purchase will come with a […]

Infamous Children’s Scary Stories Book Could Become Documentary [Video]

Most 90’s children have a memory of creeping themselves out by reading Alvin Schwartz’s collection of haunted folk tales, Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark. The creepy illustrations and haunting tales were a hit with children, but yet heavily challenged by parents. In fact, the franchise was the most challenged book of the 1990’s. […]

Hello Barbie Sparks Controversy [Video & Poll]

Barbie has had a lot of careers over the years: police, doctor, pilot, engineer, programmer, … but an eavesdropper? The Hello Barbie might just make her step into this new role. Mattel has just released the Hello Barbie, its very first interactive doll. Kids can engage it in conversations, play games with it, and and […]

The ’64 Mustang is Back

Vintage lovers and Mad Men fans, rejoice! Florida startup Revology is bringing back the 1964 Mustang to consumers everywhere to make their wildest retro dreams come true. Revology has its roots firmly set in Ford soil. Its founder, Tom Scarpello, was former marketing chief for ford Special Projects, the skunkworks arm that gave you innovative classics […]

Super Sikh: Turban-Wearing Superhero Fights Injustice And Ignorance

Meet Super Sikh. He is a crime-fighting, Taliban-hating, Elvis-loving, turban-wearing superhero, who could provide a sense of pride to Sikh children. Comic creator, Supreet Singh Manchanda is the mastmermind behind the new character. He got the idea after asking a group of Sikh children who their favorite superhero was. He heard replies such as Batman, […]

Pope Gives Shortbread Milkshake Two Thumbs Up

As Philadelphia prepares for a visit from Pope Francis in the Fall, they immediately started with some important business: milkshakes. On Monday, Archbishop Vincenzo Paglia visited a Potbelly sandwich shop to taste several milkshake flavors in preparation for the Pope’s visit. Paglia was also joined by several Catholic school children from Saint Peter The Apostle […]

3 Trends in Social Media Marketing That Small Business Should Use in 2015

It wasn’t too long ago that businesses caught on to social media marketing, exhausting and exploiting the communication tool until it reached a plateau. Or so we thought. With 97% of small business owners and marketers using social media to engage with potential and existing clients online, focus is now on employing strategies to improve […]