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No More Popping Bubble Wrap, Thanks to Redesign

Okay, hold on. Before we all ugly-cry in unison, let’s get our facts straight: the bubble wrap we know and love is about to lose its poppable quality, and we have Sealed Air Corp, its original makers, to thank for it. There’s actually a very very good reason behind the change — two reasons, as […]

Coming Soon: RealBotix, Sex Dolls That Talk Back [video]

Matt McMullen believes in the power of silicon adult companionship. Being the creator of The RealDoll, a high-quality life-like silicon love doll, he has sold over 5,000 dolls since their release in 1996. the dolls range anywhere from $5,000 to $10,000, and buyers can customize aspects of the doll from body type, face, and hair color, […]

Cannabis Camp To Open, Complete w/ Cooking and Yoga Lessons

Tokers in the US, take heart: a new summer camp for adults has just opened up in Colorado that could have everything you want in one. It’s got zip lines, rock- and cliff-climbing activities, punting, hiking, even yoga and cooking lessons — all with a unique and very legal twist you’re going to love. CannaCamp, […]

Oops, QR Codes On Ketchup Bottles Lead To Porn Site

Imagine one man’s surprise when he checked out a QR code on a bottle of Heinz ketchup for a design contest and instead was led to a porn site. Daniel Korell wanted to check out Heinz’s ketchup label design contest through a QR code printed on many bottles. The only problem is the link went […]

Pizza Hut Creates Box That Turns Into Movie Projector

Pizza and movies. Its the perfect combination and Pizza Hut is cashing in on the concept. Introducing the Blockbuster Box. Designed by Ogilvy Hong Kong, the special box is Pizza Hut’s latest major publicity stunt. So, what makes this new pizza box design so special? How about the fact that is turns your leftover pizza […]

Celebrate National Donut Day With A Free Donut

Friday is National Donut Day, one of our favorite holidays here at Social News Daily. Why not celebrate the sweet day with a delicious, hot and fresh donut. Oh, and did we say free. Those are the best kind of donuts. On Friday, you can get a free donut just in time for the holiday. […]

Donutella Ooh La La! New Donut Treat Wows Aussies

It seems the world is on a roll (har har) with its donut crazes these days. Hot on the heels of the Trinut, a brand-new donut indulgence is making quick converts of Aussies with a sweet tooth. Say hello to the Donutella, a donut creation right from the kitchen of baker couple Mick and Basima […]