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Say I Love You With A Potato

Conversation hearts are so last year. This Valentine’s Day let that special person know how much they mean to you with a personalized potato. Yes, a potato. offers a unique gag gift with a special message-bearing spud. The 5-month-old business is the brainchild of Jeff Kelly and Jim Owens. The friends both have extensive […]

‘Total Junk’? Twitter Remains #OneTeam Strong

Twitter now more than understands what the aphorism every dark cloud has a silver lining”. In this case, it’s a solid, pristine platinum. Less than five days ago, more than half of Twitter’s top executives, including those for engineering, media, product and Vine exited the company and went to the employ of direct competitors such as […]

Spice Lovers, Rejoice! Sriracha Now Comes In Packets

If you’re all about the hot n’ spicy lifestyle, Tabasco just won’t do, and Sriracha is an absolute Must in your diet, leave the bottle at home. This condiment is now rolling out packets you can stow in your pocket. Spice addicts the world may now break out into song as the heavens open up and […]

Woman Starts Go Fund Me Page After Blowing Money on Powerball

A Tennessee-area woman started a Go Fund Me Page she claims was intended to reimburse her for the money she spent on losing Powerball tickets. The page has since been deleted, and it’s unclear if its removal was at her behest or because it violated Go Fund Me’s terms and services. In the hours after […]

Science quips and soundbites on #OHatCES

CES 2016 has become a paradise of sorts for tech lovers everywhere, and we’re practically just a couple of weeks into the new year. Were there any quotable quotes to be heard? You bet! #OHatCES is teeming with funny or revealing quips snatched up by attentive ears over at the Nevada convention. Allow us to […]

Amazon Shopper Gets Phallic Surprise in Shopping Cart

In what could be a great pilot episode for the reality show I’m pitching called “When Customer Service Reps Behave Badly,” an Amazon shopper ended up with a bit of a surprise in his shopping cart after lodging a complaint with the company. It’s all laid out in a hilarious investigative piece by Sebastian Anthony over at […]

You Can Now Buy Canned Canadian Air, Because Why Not?

A couple of Canadian pranksters may have inadvertently become successful entrepreneurs. When Troy Paquette and his partner started “bottling” fresh air and selling it on eBay, they were doing it mostly as a goof. While chatting with some friends who live in heavily polluted areas, Paquette joked about packing up some fresh Canadian air and […]