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Twitter’s Moments Move Shows Importance of Interaction Online

The world of social media is a wonderful place to play. Between the trending topics, viral videos and hashtags you get to see everything from the sublime to the ridiculous. Indeed, from Akira Miyagawa’s Symphony No. 5/Mambo No. 5 mash-up to Kanye West getting snubbed by IKEA, the internet is awash with social media gems that keep us […]

How Social Media Is Causing A Beauty Revolution

Social media has become an important tool for businesses and brands of all kinds. However, the beauty industry has been the most successful in harnessing the power of social media and spurring a beauty revolution. The major cosmetic brands’ target demographic just happens to be made up of the same young women that make up […]

Did You Know You Can Turn Your Social Media Obsession Into A Career?

We are obsessed with social media and obviously we aren’t the only ones. With millions of users sharing their lives on various channels from Facebook and Twitter to Instagram and Snapchat, many of us are dreaming on how to turn that social media obsession and turn it into a lucrative career. While it may sound […]

Chipotle Is Trying to Win Customers Back with Free Beer

For all the value of an eight dollar burrito the size of my head, it’s difficult to justify eating at Chipotle Mexican Grill. After the March 2008 hepatitis outbreak, I became cautious. After the April 2008 norovirus outbreak, I started having second thoughts. After the February 2009 campylobacter jejuni outbreak, I said “What the fuck is campylobacter jejuni, and should […]

internrocket Has Built A Social Network That Helps Students Find Their Passion

Here’s a scenario that is all too common among college students. It’s just one week before your junior year is about to end and you’re still scrambling to find a summer job. You’ve applied for various internships but they quickly filled up or you lacked the specific coursework that companies were looking for to qualify […]

Twitter PR Head Leaves The Company Just Months After Starting

Things are tense for Twitter right now. The social media giant just lost a vital member of their public relations team. Natalie Kerris was hired on just six months ago to head Twitter PR, but now she has chosen to leave the company. Kerris was supposed to be the company’s savior. With more than 14 […]

Poop Cafe To Sell Feces-Shaped Desserts, Hungry?

Toronto is now to be the home of some of the greatest restaurants and chefs in the world, but the latest venture in the city is a bit shocking and a little gross. The Poop Cafe Dessert Bar plans to open next month in Koreatown, and the eatery will offer, you guessed it, an all-brown, […]

For Shame, Zara! Indie Artists Call Out Fashion Brand’s Art Theft

We’ve pretty much established one important rule of playing nice on the interwebs: if you steal something, take a thing without permission or even giving proper credit, that’s just not cool. In this case, fashion powerhouse Zara is no exception to the rule. One of the world’s largest clothing retailers has been getting called out […]