Game of Thrones Intro Played on 12-String Acoustic is Magical

I think it is safe to say the Game of Thrones opening theme is one of the most popular opening TV show themes of all time, and with good reason. The epic scope of the instrumental music fits the epic overall themes of the show perfectly. And though we have seen MANY Games Of Thrones […]

Wow, Just Wow: Patients Treated After Using Sunblock on Eyes During Eclipse

What can we even say about this? Though there were very low numbers of people who hurt their eyes by staring at the sun during the eclipse Monday, one Nurse Practitioner brought up some very unique cases where people DID get hurt during the eclipse, but not like you think: “One of my colleagues at […]

The 10 Most Popular Mobile Apps for Smartphones

People often say our apps reflect our personality. What we choose to entertain us also tells many people about the kind of person we are. Come to find out, certain apps that are popular are just   the mobile version of the (already popular) website and in some cases, these are apps that genuinely make […]

Not Even A Single Drop of Poland Springs Water is From A Spring

A class -action lawsuit has finally been levied against Poland Springs and their damning mis- representation of their product. Claiming to be from a fresh spring in Maine, Poland Springs water is actually GROUNDWATER. Even the Food and Drug administration agrees with that the fact that this IS a well-known fact and has been for […]

Industrial Waste To Blame for the Blue Dogs That Inhabit Mumbai Now

A group of roughly eleven blue dogs were spotted around August 11th in Mumbai, causing some locals to react. Turns out a local manufacturer has been shut down for dumping industrial strength into the Kasadi river, where many local dogs swim. Dyes that have resulted in eleven local dogs turning baby blue. Thankfully, no negative […]

Cop in Australia Breaks Up Epic Battle Between Dog and Kangaroo

Listen people, we are not supposed to intervene when nature displays acts like this. It is called the circle of life and whoever wins is the greater species based on Darwinism.  But in Australia, a dog getting into a fight with a kangaroo is a daily activity so breaking it up is just part of […]

Help Kickstart A Horrifyingly Funny Watch That Shows Trump’s Tweets Live

First off, let me say I have no objection to this item, and I find the humor in it. I just cannot understand why anyone would want Trump’s ideology (and mug) attached to their wrist for daily reminders of how fast we are going down the toilet, but THAT IS JUST ME. Supposedly at LEAST […]