Infowars Reporter Get Shut Down By Ballsy Little Girl

For those unfamiliar with Infowars, it is a website that tends to believe and advocate a great deal of lies and propaganda about conspiracy theories (addressing them ALL as if they were real, right down to iea that our entire world is run by shape shifting lizard people, no joke) and overall, they are the […]

Millennial Pink Chocolate Is A Thing That Actually Exists

There are many classes of flavor to choose from when picking a chocolate. Some people like the smooth, creaminess of white chocolate, while others prefer the bittersweet bite of dark. Well, sorry to suddenly confuse you, but there is a new chocolate now. Pink chocolate (or Ruby chocolate). And no, the name isn’t just based […]

Sun Unleashes Biggest Solar Flare in A Decade

Image Via Sometimes very early this morning, the sun burst out two solar flares. Though the first one was sizable, it was the second of the two that made it newsworthy, as the second solar flare spotted this morning was the biggest solar flare we have seen in a decade.   Decided the current huge […]

Man Crushed by Giant 600 lb Ball in Fake Bull Run, Probably Dead

Personally, we respect the shit out of this (not the crushing part but the not using actual bulls part). Bull runs may seem fun but few Americans seem to understand, the bulls are gored to death at the end, regardless of how it goes. It is a sad and archaic tradition, and as a result […]

The Chart That Shows Google And Facebook’s Secret Weapon

Apps. Yup, you heard it right. You would think Facebook and Google had the cyber worlds locked down, and this pretty much proves it. As this ever-so-simple chart shows, these apps are apps people use most, and ironically, Google AND Facebook own 85% of all the apps listed. With roughly 87% of mobile time (cell […]

World’s First Ever “Beer Bath” Opens to Public in Austria

A genuine love for beer seems to be the one thing that still connects us all worldwide, no matter where you go. Once you speak the language of beer, you speak a universal language to many. Well, best make sure you passport is up to date with any recent changes addressed. I say this because […]

Smoking Scorpions to Get High is All The Rage in Pakistan Right Now

Every culture and country has their own methods of inducing extracurricular relaxation. Though alcohol and (medical, legal) marijuana seem to be the choice of many here in America, in Pakistan a disturbing trend has gained global attention and we thought we would take a moment to shine a light on it as well. People smoking […]