Peter Dinklage Sings An Homage To All Dead ‘Game of Thrones’ Characters

When most people bring up the fantastic fantasy show Game of Thrones, they tend to bring up the character of Tyrion Lannister (played by the always brilliant Peter Dinklage). He is smart, snarky, and has a whole lot more personality and soul than most of the people in Westeros. Easily a crowd favorite, can you […]

The Art of Making A Steel Pan Drum

Steel pan drums or steelpans, as they are often referred to, have quite a storied history in the world. Having its roots in Trinidad, many people have heard steel drums, but have no idea what goes into the process of making one. Dating back to as far as the 1800’s, making a steel pan drum […]

Man Hangs Off Edge Of Cliff And Talks About Taking Risks

Pulpit Rock in Norway is an incredibly dangerous tourist attraction. It is a 2,000 foot cliff with no safety rails or any protection whatsoever. Step an inch too far in one direction or another and you likely plummet screaming to your death. But does this stop thousands from flocking to it every year? No, it […]

Some Jaw Dropping Extreme Frisbee Catches

When you normally think of a game of Frisbee, you imagine two guys standing in a field across from one another throwing a disk back and forth. And in most instances, you would correct in that assumption. But what about extreme Frisbee? All I can is, if you think you have seen Frisbee before, prepare […]

Fruit Ninja in Real Life Will Blow Your Mind

Do you guys remember the game Fruit Ninja that was so huge on phones a few years ago? It involved fruit being tossed at the screen of your phone and you using your finger like a sword to cut the fruit in half before it fell out of sight. As silly as it may sound, […]

Ikea Opens ‘Breakfast In Bed’ Cafe in London

Who DOESN’T like the idea of being served breakfast in bed? Heck, just being served on while you lie in your robe in the comfort of a warm bed is one of the best feelings in the world. But it is also a feeling most people will never know because most people are not kind […]

These Millipedes Glow in the Dark When Stressed Out

We all exhibit certain behaviors when stressed out or nervous. Some people bite their fingernails. Some people have a penchant for pacing back and forth. Other people reach for crutches, like booze and drugs. But the insect kingdom has produced some very interesting reactions to stress that perhaps we humans could learn a little bit […]