Articles written by Remy Carreiro

Assam Woman Demands DEATH Of Her Neighbor for Killing Her Ducks

An Assam (a part of Northeast India) woman was recently up in arms about a neighbor of hers who killed her egg-laying ducks. The sad story is one of the ducks waddled onto his property and he beat it to death with a stick, and the woman approached the judicial system suggesting the man receive […]

These Crappy Robbers Get Owned by Some Basic Security Glass

Nothing is worse than when you plan on robbing a store and something as simple as security glass straight up makes you and your squad look like fools, motorcycle helmets and all: I would also like to think something like this would be incredibly humbling and hopefully make you consider a different lifestyle choice. Hell, […]

Pool Player Shoots Some Incredibly Cool Looking Shots

I knew playing pool took talent, but the guy here has taken it to heights I have never seen before. The basic premise of pool is to get all the “your” balls into the pockets, but who knew the pool balls could do such extreme moves? You think it is going straight for another ball, […]

This Kid Playing “Free Metal” For People Driving By Is An Unsung National Hero

Do you understand that our daily lives are filled with so much crap that sometimes it’s hard to laugh. To find something positive and painless (especially online) that can help push you through the hardships of life. The video below is one of those “soul saving” videos, as it features a kid who promises “Free […]

Swedish Contest Let the People Name New Train Trainy McTrainface

You see, this is what happens when you hand the power to the people. We abuse it for laughs. The truth of this story runs much deeper, though. When given the power to the people via internet poll to name a new public transit boat in Sweden recently, all the people chose Boat McBoatface, and […]

Man Gives 20-Minute Red Light Rant We All Can Appreciate

We have all been there. We all have that one red light around us that is inexplicably ten times longer than most of the other traffic lights we encounter. There’s not much you can do but sit there and seethe quietly. But one man decided to take that long-ass opportunity to record a video about […]

This Bush of Kittens Should Be In Every City!

Having a bad day? Just walk up to the bush of kittens and suddenly all your worries melt away. Just had a fight with the spouse? Make a trip to the bush of kittens and in an instant, life is better. It is a simple idea that is proven to be very affective by this […]