Articles written by Remy Carreiro

Bad Dad’s Clown Prank Backfires and Ends in Jail Time

It is safe to say coulrophobia is at an all time high right now (fear of clowns) between IT and the sheer amount of clowns on the new season of American Horror Story. And to be honest, clowns have always been a source of fear for some people (I blame John Wayne Gacy), so for […]

Pumpkin Spice Season is Upon Us, and Here’s Proof

Guess what season it is? It’s the season when even your shoes come Pumpkin Spice scented. It’s the season when your toilet paper suddenly makes you bum smell like pumpkin spice. Tis the season where pumpkin spice flavoring is dropped into EVERYTHING to appease all the ugg-wearing “Jessica’s” of the world. But let me tell […]

The Craziest Workout Routine You Will EVER See

For those wondering, this man is named Andri Ragettli and he is a 19-year-old Swiss skier with some big olympic dreams. Thing is, once his insane, balance-based workout hit the web, the dude is bound become a sensation and a big inspiration. It is unlike any other workout you have ever seen. It looks demanding […]


If you read this site daily, you saw the disturbing video that showed a hot dog vendor being harassed and then ROBBED by a massively craptastic cop yesterday. The world was up in arms, as were we (which is why we shared it). Here is a reminder for those who missed it: Well, good news […]

Infowars Reporter Get Shut Down By Ballsy Little Girl

For those unfamiliar with Infowars, it is a website that tends to believe and advocate a great deal of lies and propaganda about conspiracy theories (addressing them ALL as if they were real, right down to iea that our entire world is run by shape shifting lizard people, no joke) and overall, they are the […]

Millennial Pink Chocolate Is A Thing That Actually Exists

There are many classes of flavor to choose from when picking a chocolate. Some people like the smooth, creaminess of white chocolate, while others prefer the bittersweet bite of dark. Well, sorry to suddenly confuse you, but there is a new chocolate now. Pink chocolate (or Ruby chocolate). And no, the name isn’t just based […]