Jack White Sets Record For World’s Fastest Record [Video]

This past Saturday was Record Store Day, and while millions were out buying sweet records, rocker Jack White was busying creating one to set a new world record. White’s goal? To beat the record for world’s fastest released record, which he and his team at Third Man Records accomplished in three hours, 55 minutes and 21 seconds. Today, […]

Social Media Looks Back At The Game Boy On Its 25th Birthday

The Nintendo Game Boy was released on April 21, 1989 in Japan, and today marks the iconic handheld video game console’s 25th birthday. One of the first devices of its kind, the now clunky machine allowed anyone to play video games on the go, and it sold around 25 million units by 1992. Years later, Nintendo would […]

‘In Your Eyes’ By Joss Whedon Available For $5 On Vimeo

Joss Whedon has published his new movie In Your Eyes to Vimeo On Demand, enabling anyone with five smackaroos to give it a watch. Yesterday, the film was screened at Tribeca Film Festival, and viewers were met with a surprise after Whedon announced the film was now available digitally worldwide. Vimeo recently updated its On Demand Service, […]

Pinterest Referral Traffic Up 48%, But Facebook Still Dominates

Pinterest accounts for nearly 25 percent of all social sharing, and according to new data from Shareaholic, traffic referrals grew 48 percent from December 2013. Today, the company published its quarterly Social Media Traffic Report, and while Pinterest saw the most growth, it’s still ranked in second behind Facebook. From December 2013 through March 2014, […]

Blab Prediction Tool Detects Trending Topics Up To 3 Days In Advance

Blab, not to be confused with the video “walkie-talkie” app from Bebo, has announced a new prediction tool that can see where online conversations are headed. Called BlabPredicts2, it claims to help brands predict trending topics up to 72 hours in advance, and with 70 percent accuracy. We first reported on Blab back in April 2013, […]

Facebook Drafts Paper App With Several New Features

Paper is the news reading app launched by Facebook earlier this year, and today the social network rolled out multiple new features. While not necessarily a significant update, the changes bring welcomed functionality. Users can now view events and birthdays from the notifications tab, and add photo comments to posts. It’s now easier to see which Groups you’re […]

Disney’s Maker Studios Acquisition Faces Yet Another Lawsuit

Disney confirmed it was acquiring major YouTube network Maker Studios last month, and is battling an uphill battle to completely close the deal. Earlier this week, we reported that Relativity Media attempted to counterbid Disney, but ultimately couldn’t hook Maker. Now, just one week after Maker Studios Co-Founder Danny Zappin and three executives sued in an attempt to […]

LinkedIn Surpasses 300 Million Users

LinkedIn has solidified itself as the go-to social network for business professionals, and today announced it’s surpassed 300 million users worldwide. This is up from 250 million announced at the end of October 2013, but the company is far from reaching it’s goal. Tweaked from The Social Network, we imagine a conversation went something like this: “300 […]

Facebook Wants To Help You Connect With ‘Nearby Friends’

Over 750 million people visit Facebook daily, and now the social network wants to make sure you don’t miss your friends while out on the town. Today, Facebook announced a new “Nearby Friends” feature, which relies off a phone’s GPS to determine one’s location. You can see all your friends nearby, and receive push notifications when a […]

General Mills’ New Policies To Prevent Online Followers From Suing Could Backfire

General Mills is behind some of the largest food brands on the planet, and yesterday published a questionable update to its Privacy Policy and Legal Terms. First reported by the New York Times, the company implemented new clauses that forfeit online followers’ rights to sue. According to the updated Legal Terms, you accept the agreement by doing any […]

Facebook The Most Preferred Social Network For Marketers [Study]

Facebook has very deep pockets thanks to multi-billion dollar earnings, and according to a new study, is the best ranked social platform among marketers. The study comes from the Direct Marketing Association (DMA for short), who polled 171 marketers in the United Kingdom. A “social media scorecard” was created by its Social Media Council, which took […]

Flickr For iOS And Android Receive Major Redesign

Flickr was rumored last month to launch a redesign of its mobile apps, and today the photo site began rolling out a brand new look on iOS and Android. The app has been completely overhauled on both platforms, though both have some minor differences. On Android, navigation icons such as your home feed, which displays […]

Twitter Announces App Install Ads

Twitter sees around 75 percent of its revenue from mobile, and in taking a page directly from Facebook, announced mobile app install ads today. The social network is working with MoPub, one of the world’s largest mobile advertising exchanges, who reaches over one billion unique users and processes 130 billion requests each month. Currently, app install […]

Social Media Marketing Tool Argyle Social Shutting Down

Social media marketing is a very competitive space with every service vying for attention, and provider Argyle Social announced it’s shutting down. Launched in 2010, founder and CEO Adam Covati spoke with VentureBeat about the tough decision to close its doors effective May 31: “At the end of the day, it’s a very tough industry. It’s […]

Facebook Users Freak Out Over ‘Traveling To’ Feature

Facebook wants to know what’s on your mind, how you’re feeling, and rolling out to everyone, where you’re traveling to. Of course, it’s completely optional. The social network took to its official page today to remind users of the feature, and it functions very similar to when you attach your mood to a status update. After clicking on the […]

Google+ Expanding +Post Ads To Qualified Pages

Google+ began testing its +Post ads with select advertisers back in December, and today announced they’re now available to all Pages that qualify. In order to qualify, you must have a minimum of 1,000 followers, the sponsored post must be “relevant to your audience,” and you have Shared Endorsements turned on. The social network is also […]

Instagram Removes Inactive, Spam Accounts In Latest Push

Instagram is not impervious to the spam problem that plagues every social network, and has done a massive purge to rid trouble accounts. First spotted by Mike Isaac of Re/code, a special message (pictured above) appeared at the top of the “Activity” feed: Changes in followers We’ve removed deactivated and spam accounts. Your list of […]

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg Talks ‘Home’ Failure, Dodges Innovation Question

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg recently sat down at the company’s headquarters to speak with New York Times writer Farhad Manjoo. Back in January, the social network announced Creative Labs, not to be confused with the speaker/sound card manufacturer. Its first major project was iPhone app Paper, and Zuckerberg says the lab “is basically unbundling the […]

Livefyre Adds Commenting To The Content With Sidenotes

Livefyre is a major player in the commenting space, and today introduced a new feature called Sidenotes that brings comments directly to the content. Traditionally, comments appear at the very end of a post where readers can share their thoughts, but Sidenotes makes it easy to comment on individual sections or paragraphs. One of the […]

Defeating Social Media Overload With Sparksfly CEO David Bankston

73 percent of online adults use social media, according to the most recent Pew Research data, and that number has grown from just eight percent in 2005. While social networks have been a blessing in many ways, they’ve also become a major time waster and killer of productivity. Sparksfly, available now on iOS and Android, […]