DeviantART Co-Founder Angelo Sotira On Building Thriving Communities

DeviantART is a fun, creative place with hundreds of millions of pieces of art ranging from the ordinary to whatever its users can dream up. Launched in August 2000, the social network was co-founded by Angelo Sotira, and at a time when sites like Myspace and Facebook weren’t even thought of yet. Now, nearly 14 […]

Facebook Rolling Out Re-Redesigned News Feed

Facebook first announced its drastically redesigned News Feed back in March 2013, and today revealed a redesign of the, you guessed it, redesign. However, making things somewhat confusing is the fact that the company only references the old design that the majority of users still have. Basically, if you weren’t one of the select few […]

Vine Officially Bans Porn

Vine announced its banning sexually explicit content today, and also prompted many users to ask the question, “You can watch porn on Vine!?” Yes, no social network is free of the stuff, including a service built around videos that last as long as, yeah, nevermind. While Vine has taken down pornographic content before, today’s move […]

Banter Is For The Anonymous, Posts Disappear After 24 Hours

With privacy concerns heating up, services for the privacy-conscious continue to emerge, and a new app called Banter is a blend of several popular social networks. Available only on Android or iOS, Banter allows anyone to join anonymously, and all public chats are deleted after 24 hours. A blend of Twitter, Snapchat and Facebook Messenger […]

HootSuite Takes A Play From Tech Giants, Creates Internal Lab

HootSuite recently launched new managed security and compliance services, and according to VentureBeat, has created its own internal lab. Appropriately named “HootSuite Labs,” the goal is to stay ahead of the curve by having a team focused solely on product development. The team currently consists of ten to 15 people, says VentureBeat, and the social […]

Rapper Andre 3000 Plays Jimi Hendrix In ‘All Is By My Side’ [Video]

Jimi Hendrix needs no introduction, and a new clip uploaded to YouTube gives us a quick glance at the upcoming biopic “All Is By My Side.” Played by Outkast rapper Andre 3000, the clip is just one minute long with Jimi, err, Andre performing a scene with Imogen Poots who plays as Linda Keith. Andre […]

Guidelight Kickstarter Raises Over $100,000 In Two Days

Some of the simplest ideas have the biggest impact, and a new Kickstarter project is looking to raise $12,000 for a guide light built into a power outlet. Well, the project has already surpassed its goal…by about $96,000. Launched on March 4, the SnapRays Guidelight by Snap Power has received over $108,000 in pledges. Anyone […]

Women Rule Social Media In The US [Infographic]

Sorry, guys. It’s another win for team female, according to a new infographic. Titled “Why Women Are The Real Power Behind Social Media,” it’s broken down into several categories. Here’s the percentage of U.S. adult women and men using top social networks: Facebook – 76 percent women, 66 percent men Tumblr – 54 percent women, […]

YouTuber Brock Baker Has Fun With Haters, Posts Fake Yelp Reviews

YouTube and haters go together like biscuits and gravy. Comedian Brock Baker deals with his share of hateful comments, and decided to have a little fun. It all started with the incredibly thoughtful comment of “You suck.” That gave Brock the idea to respond to idiotic YouTube comments as if he was writing a Yelp […]

Facebook Will Delete Posts, Instagram Photos Selling Guns

Facebook has been dealing with backlash from gun control groups, and today the social network announced it will soon start deleting posts selling guns. The initiative will also apply to Instagram, and will cover guns being sold through private means without a background check. From a company spokesperson: “We will remove reported posts that explicitly […]

The Oscars Saw Over 3.3 Billion Twitter Impressions

The Oscars had quite the impact, and according to new data released by Twitter, tweets about the star-studded event generated over 3.3 billion impressions. The social network analyzed tweets sent Sunday (March 2) at 5 PM Eastern to 5 AM Eastern on Monday. Here’s what else it found: During the 12-hour period, 19.1 million Oscars […]

Flipboard Acquires News Reader Zite

Social magazine Flipboard has acquired news reading app Zite from CNN in a deal reportedly worth $60 million. CNN first acquired Zite back in August 2011, and Flipboard has also made a deal with the news company to syndicate its content. From the Flipboard blog: “We acquired Zite from CNN to address something we’ve heard […]

Man Wants To Beat Ellen’s Oscars Selfie, Racks Up Over 45,000 Retweets

The Oscars were hosted this past Sunday by Ellen DeGeneres, and her celeb-filled photo tweeted during the show broke a new retweet record. Now, there’s a new contender in the ring, and his name is Terry Shipman. We don’t know much about Terry, other than he’s from Texas, and joined Twitter back in December. Tuesday […]

Facebook Messenger Launches On Windows Phone

Facebook Messenger has long been available on Android and iOS devices, and has finally arrived on Windows Phone. During an event last week leading up to Mobile World Congress, Windows Phone VP and Manager Joe Belfiore announced the app would be launching soon. It seems Microsoft and Facebook have stuck to that promise, and it […]

Guy Has No Shame, Records Himself Peeing On Audi R8 [Video]

Some people really need to think things through before doing them, and a new YouTube video is a classic example of exactly that. Uploaded by what Jalopnik calls “an emotionally stunted manchild,” a guy decided to pee on an Audi R8 in a parking garage because it took up two spots. Here’s what the video […]

Dating App Revealr Uses Your Voice To Find The One

A new dating app called Revealr makes you listen before you can look, and records your voice to playback to potential matches. Created by Guy Harrington and Paul Laight, it’s a unique concept in a world dominated by looks. To get started, users must login with their Facebook account, but Revealr makes it clear that […]

Facebook Launching ‘No Swearing’ Campaign [Hoax]

Facebook is a breeding ground for hoaxes, and according to a new post making the rounds, the social network is launching a “No Swearing” campaign on March 20. Snopes has already labeled the “announcement” false, and here’s what it says: As of march 20, 2014, we at facebook will be launching a “no swearing” campaign. […]

38% Of Consumers Will Take To Social Media When Shopping For Their Next Car

Social media has become a popular medium for generating new leads, and according to a new report, 38 percent of consumers will use social media to find their next car. CMO Council has published a new white paper titled “Turning Social Feeds Into Business Leads,” which takes a look at social marketing in the auto […]