Articles written by Mike Stenger

LINE App Kicks Off 2014 With $143 Million In Revenue

LINE, the messaging app most well known in Asia, shared its Q1 2014 earnings today, posting revenue of $143 million or a 223 percent increase year-over-year. It was a 19 percent increase from Q4 2013, and the company also announced it has hit 420 million users. It doesn’t say if those are active, however, when it hit […]

Instagram ‘The Most Utilized’ Social Network For Selling Drugs [Infographic]

Instagram is where most of us think food porn and nature shots go to live on in their filtered glory, but it’s also home to various “enterprising” individuals. recently investigated the social network to find out how easy or difficult it was to find drugs. To make a long story short, it was way too […]

Twitter Promoted Tweets, Accounts Get Language Targeting

Twitter Ads today received language targeting, giving advertisers who use Promoted Tweets and Promoted Accounts the ability to work with 20 various languages. Available to advertisers worldwide, the feature is also making its way to the social network’s Ads API. Now when setting up a Promoted Tweet or Account, you can choose which language you […]

Evernote Improves Business Card Scanning With LinkedIn Integration

Evernote, the popular note-taking app with over 75 million users, today announced a new partnership with LinkedIn to enhance its business card scanning. Back in December, the app introduced business card scanning as part of its Premium plan, and users simply take a photo of a business card within the app. Automatically and in seconds, […]

LinkedIn Pages Get Better Targeting With Two New Features

LinkedIn posted solid earnings for the first quarter of 2014, and today announced two new features for both Showcase and Company Pages. With language preference targeting and personalized page feed, businesses will be able to customize what content gets shown to users based on several different factors. From the LinkedIn Marketing Solutions blog: “We know relevance […]

Salesforce Announces Social Studio, A Blend Of Radian6 And Buddy Media

Salesforce is a world leader in CRM solutions, and today introduced Social Studio, a suite of marketing tools that covers the spectrum of social media. A collaboration between two of its social media service acquisitions Buddy Media and Radian6, it’s split into four tools: Workspaces Social Content Marketing Engagement Analytics Workspaces is the collaboration aspect […]

Twitter Response Rates Up 3%, But Brand Response Times Still Behind [Infographic]

Twitter has revolutionized how businesses help customers, and according to the most recent data from Socialbakers, response rates are up three percent overall. Every quarter, the social media statistics company publishes its Socially Devoted report, which measures brands’ use of social media for customer service. While response rates were up, the average response rate in the first […]

WhatsApp Banned In Iran After New ‘American Zionist’ Ownership [Report]

WhatsApp was acquired back in February in a deal worth $19 billion, and according to a recent report, it’s banned in Iran due to alleged racism. Published this past Saturday by Haaretz, Israel’s oldest daily newspaper, the decision was made by the Committee for Determining Criminal Web Content. Here’s what Committee Secretary Abdolsamad Khorramabadi reportedly […]

Facebook Introducing New Video Metrics

Facebook rarely talks about its video product, and today announced new metrics that will give Page owners far more insight into how their videos are performing. Rolling out “over the coming weeks,” Pages will soon see video views, unique video views, average viewing duration and audience retention. Video views are only counted if someone watches […]

Amazon Now Lets You Tweet To Add Products To Your Cart

Amazon is making a new feature available to Twitter users that allows you to add products to your cart by replying to a tweet with a special hashtag. Dubbed #AmazonCart, it’s open to customers in the US and UK. Being one of the world’s largest e-commerce sites, customers and companies frequently share links to product pages. If you […]

LinkedIn Reports $473 Million In Revenue For Q1 2014

LinkedIn recently passed 300 million users, and today the social network announced its earnings for the first quarter of 2014. Revenue saw a 46 percent jump year-over-year to $473.2 million, and earnings per share were at 38 cents. This is up from analyst expectations of $466.5 million and earnings per share of 34 cents, though […]

Vine Website Receives Major Update, Adds Search And Channels

Vine added a personalized stream to its website back in January, and today launched version 2.0 that now includes all the features users come to expect. After signing in, there’s no longer just a single stream of videos from people you’re following. On the top left, users will notice three familiar icons: The Home button is […]

Rick Astley ‘Rickrolls’ Radio DJs Live On The Air [Video]

Rick Astley is never gonna give you up, and never gonna let you down which is why he played a harmless prank during a recent radio appearance. In case you forgot, Astley is the man behind “Never Gonna Give You Up,” a song released in 1987 that went on to legendary status some 20 years […]

How To Find Out What Social Media Sites Know About You

Social media holds a treasure trove of data not just based on what’s happening around the world, but nearly every detail about our own personal lives. In fact, a study published in October 2013 found that Facebook can help predict when couples are about to get divorced. Today, major social networks have advanced learning mechanisms that know what you’re […]

Foursquare To Focus On Local Discovery, Launching ‘Swarm’ For Check-Ins

Foursquare users have checked in over five billion times since the app launched in 2009, but soon that’s all about to change with a dramatic update. Today, the company announced that Foursquare will shift to being all about local discovery, and a separate app called Swarm will be for checking in to locations. Swarm will […]

Snapchat Introduces Video Calling, Text Conversations

Snapchat today released its biggest update ever on Android and iOS, rolling out the ability to video chat and send text for the first time ever. And as before, nothing lasts forever. Apps like Confide have popped up in recent months, essentially functioning as a Snapchat for text, and text is an idea the social […]

Facebook And Twitter Tied For The High School Cool Crowd [Study]

Facebook in particular hasn’t had the greatest track record with teens, but numerous studies also point to teens leaving Twitter for social networks like Instagram. According to new data from the Harvard Institute of Politics, Twitter and Facebook usage among high school seniors is tied. Harvard recently surveyed over 3,000 people ages 18 to 29 […]

Facebook F8 2014: Anonymous Login, Mobile Like Button, And More

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg graced the stage today at F8, the social network’s revived developer conference that’s been on hold for the past two years. Kicking things off, Zuckerberg announced a two-year stable core API guarantee, and a guarantee to fix any bugs within 48 hours. Facebook users can now easily customize every single app […]

Anonymous App Cloaq Arrives On iOS

Cloaq, yet another app in the ever growing space of anonymity, has finally launched on iOS. Making it unique from competitors, no personal information is required. When signing up, users simply create a password, which Cloaq then automatically generates a special username or handle. That specially assigned handle starts with an @ symbol, and is […]