Articles written by Amanda Peterlin

Anna Kendrick Shares Her Shower Thoughts, Hilarious Follow Up To Nick Offerman [Watch]

Nick Offerman’s shower thoughts was one of the most wonderful videos to grace the internet with it’s presence. Thank you, Mashable, for the beautiful 1:27 video. Watch below: If you wondered what the female version of that video would look like.. Glamour Magazine heard your own thoughts and answered it with Anna Kendrick’s rendition of […]

Guy Can Throw Things Into Other Things, Viral Video Stuns Viewers [Watch]

What kind of sorcery is this. How can this dude chuck a knife behind him and have it land directly into the knife holder. Or just casually throw a plate into the dishwasher and it bounces and sticks straight up as if he placed it in there. After this video starts, you’ll probably think it […]

Child Abduction Prank, YouTuber JoeySalads Conducts Social Experiment [Video]

Stranger Danger. How well do you think your child knows that term and then what to do if a stranger approaches them? Youtuber JoeySalads wanted to test this Stranger Danger idea and conduct a social experiment about child abduction at a local park. This is a great video for all parents to see and even watch […]

Watch This Guy Pour Molten Aluminum Into A Watermelon [Video]

YouTube channel The Backyard Scientist had a strange experiment this week when he poured molten aluminum into a watermelon. The end result is pretty fascinating. First, who is The Backyard Scientist and what does he do? He is an average guy who likes to do science projects in his backyard. Basically the DIY science project for […]

Journalist Orders Xbox One Accidentally While Doing An Apple Watch Demo [Watch]

Tiny watch, big fingers, one-click purchasing. Not good ingredients for a ‘informational video on some Apple Watch apps.’ But it makes for one hilarious video that quickly went viral! CNET’s Scott Stein did the very embarrassing/accidental button press when he wasn’t trying to purchase a brand-new Xbox One off his Apple Watch but did it […]

Guy Uses Selfie Stick To Record Girlfriend And Mom Fighting [Watch]

“Video or it didn’t happen.” – This guy’s friends at school. Well. Nothing is private anymore. Privacy with all of the available social media and technology is an old term that used to mean something. So if this was 20 years ago. This girlfriend and his mother would have fought peacefully in the front of […]

Photos From The Volcano Calbuco Eruption In Chile Are Extraordinary

Chile’s Volcano Calbuco erupted yesterday, about 600 miles south of Santiago, forcing 4,000 people to evacuate after a red alert was issued in the area. The first one since 1972, but thankfully there are no reports of missing people, injuries, or deaths. Knowing there are no fatalities helps to enjoy the astonishing photos that were […]

Man Catcalls Women During An Interview About Anti-Catcalling In New York [Watch]

This guy. An apparel company has recently posted some Anti-catcalling signs in New York City. Patrick Jones from Buzz60 went out to interview the public on this Anti-catcalling campaign and how they feel about catcalling women (or men). Jones meets a guy who doesn’t realize it is an interview against catcalling and catcalls women on […]

iPhone Survives 40-Story Fall In Dubai, All Caught On Video [Watch]

We all know that feeling, when your beloved smartphone falls from your grasp and you see it tossing and turning for a few seconds before violently hitting the ground. Imagine how you would feel if it fell 40 stories from a Dubai rooftop? Photographer Catalin Marin had his iPhone recording a time-lapse video of the […]

Ricky Gervais Goes On Twitter Rant, Speaks Out Against Animal Cruelty

British comedian Ricky Gervais has been very busy on Twitter recently after a public photo of American hunter Rebecca Francis smiling and lying down next to a dead giraffe she killed back in 2010 went viral. Gervais tweeted out the photo to his 7.64 million Twitter followers with the following message, “What must’ve happened to […]