French Vintage Wine Chart [Infographic]

If you are a serious wine connoisseur then you need to know which vineyards and regions were producing the best and highest grade wine for which year. Is a 1994 Château Margaux better than a 1987 Pomeral? Or what about a bottle of Loire from the 1970’s? have collected extensive data on French wine […]

6 Fun #OITNB Tweets to Get You Revved Up for June

It sucks, doesn’t it? While Game of Thrones fans are beside themselves with excitement over season 5 starting on Sunday, Orange Is the New Black fans have to wait a couple more months. Thanks Netflix for getting TV viewers from all over the world hooked on Orange Is the New Black binge watching. And, even […]

Controversial Football Players on Social Media

Social media has provided us with a lot of entertaining moments, with brands, movie stars, sports celebrities, and Internet sensations joining the fray. There are some (many?) instances, however, when social media amplifies the naughty side of people – celebrity or not. The world of sports has had its fair share of social media mishaps, […]

How to Make Money From YouTube

It’s not an exaggeration to say that practically everyone is on YouTube, or at least a YouTube viewer, is it? The statistics of YouTube users are rather astounding: YouTube has more than 1 billion users Every day people watch hundreds of millions of hours on YouTube and generate billions of views The number of hours […]

3 Trends in Social Media Marketing That Small Business Should Use in 2015

It wasn’t too long ago that businesses caught on to social media marketing, exhausting and exploiting the communication tool until it reached a plateau. Or so we thought. With 97% of small business owners and marketers using social media to engage with potential and existing clients online, focus is now on employing strategies to improve […]

Addicted to You: On-Off Celebrity Couples

On again and off again relationships are not exactly the healthiest, but for some reason, some of us get stuck in that rut. Some are lucky to get out after a period of time, others stay there for the rest of their lives. For unmarried couples, this is not as much of an issue compared […]

How to Improve Your Offline Social Networking Events with

Expanding one’s social circles plays a big role in most people’s lives, and online networking has only made it easier – whether for personal reasons or for networking for business. While online networking has skyrocketed in popularity in recent years, the value of offline social networking cannot be ignored. Marketers create seminars, workshops, and other […]

4 Recent Clips That Rocked Hollywood

Part of being a celebrity is the amusement they give us through trending clips – planned or not, video collaborations or solo.  It’s always daunting when an attempt for greatness fails, but we’re not talking about those; Social News Daily rounds up some clips from Tinseltown that made it to viral status! 1. LADY GAGA’S […]