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Social engagement is often used as a yardstick to judge your blog, with visible counts on social media icons and boasts of city-sized email subscriber lists being used to boost credibility. As a result, generating social engagement has become an important, but time-consuming task for every blogger. Being active on social channels is essential, but […]

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The controversial ‘hipster’ nativity scene is causing a Christmas controversy. The controversial scene takes the traditional holiday story and gives it a millenial twist. Joseph has a lumberjack beard and man bun. Oh, and he is using his iPhone to take a selfie of the happy family moment. Mary poses nearby with a Starbucks cup […]

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A viral video promoting tourism to North Japan features a pop group made up of adorable Akita dogs and it is all in the name of “Akita Tourism.” You might not be familiar with the term “Akita Tourism,” but once you check out the video below you will definitely want to know more. Which is […]