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Anita Sarkeesian Talks Gamergate On ‘Colbert,’ Stirs Up More Outrage

Anita Sarkeesian appeared on The Colbert Report last night to talk about Gamergate. Sarkeesian, author of Feminist Frequency, explained how Gamergate is being framed as a discussion about ethics in journalism but that it's really just an attack on women. Sarkeesian said: "Women are perceived as threatening because we are asking games to be ...

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First ‘Terminator: Genisys’ Photos Get Mocked By The Internet

When Terminator: Genisys hits theaters, it could be the start of a new trilogy. Or, and this seems more likely, it could completely destroy the franchise. Entertainment Weekly revealed the first look at the new characters in Terminator: Genisys and, to say the least, the internet is not impressed. The Terminator looks like he photobombed the ...


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The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1 Official Final Trailer [Watch]

After The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 teaser trailer, a second teaser trailer, an official teaser trailer with Jennifer Lawrence, and the first major trailer, Lionsgate has finally released the "Official Final Trailer" before the cinematic event hits theaters November 21. Watch below. More fire, more tears, and more really worried ...


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Walmart Selling ‘Fat Girl Costumes’ For Halloween

Walmart is selling "fat girl costumes?" The internet was outraged today when it was revealed that the retail giant used an insulting label for its plus-size costumes. Yes, that's real. Walmart actually had a category on its website for fat girl costumes. Needless to say, the internet was outraged. Several people complained ...