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Homer Simpson Takes The Ice Bucket Challenge

Now that every human on earth has taken the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, it's time to give some fictional characters a turn. Homer Simpson took the Ice Bucket Challenge today on YouTube. The Simpsons are currently in the middle of a 25 season non-stop marathon so it was pretty nice of Homer ...

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Amazon Buying Twitch For $970 Million

Amazon announced today that it will be acquiring live-streaming gaming site Twitch for $970 million. The move will help Amazon solidify itself as a major player for online video services. Amazon already has an impressive video library for movies and TV shows and now they'll be adding gaming to that list. Twitch, ...


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Donald Glover To Play Miles Morales In ‘Ultimate Spider-Man: Web Crawlers’

Donald Glover will finally get his chance to play Spider-Man. The former Community actor petitioned for the part of Peter Parker in 2010 when Sony rebooted the franchise. Glover's desire to play Spider-Man sparked an online debate about race in comic-books. When comic book writer Brian Michael Bendis noticed the Twitter campaign, as ...



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Air Jordan 6 ‘First Championship’ Sneakers Unveiled On Twitter

Sneakerheads are getting pumped about the new Air Jordan 6 "First Championship" sneakers. A release date hasn't been unveiled yet but a few photos of the new shoes popped up on Twitter today. According to KixAndTheCity, the Air Jordan 6 "First Championship" sneakers will be part of Nike's "Victory Pack." The ...

The trouble with crowd-funding

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Unless you've been living under a rock for the past couple of years or so, you're probably aware of crowd-funding and how this supposedly phenomenal ...