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Copycats FTW in Online Gaming

Let’s face it: media creators are running out of ideas. How many times can Nintendo revamp the same franchises? (We’re looking at you, Mario.) The movie industry is undoubtedly the most egregious offender. There are literally more than 100 reboots and remakes slated for upcoming release. That list doesn’t include 2017’s Baywatch, The Mummy, and […]


If you read this site daily, you saw the disturbing video that showed a hot dog vendor being harassed and then ROBBED by a massively craptastic cop yesterday. The world was up in arms, as were we (which is why we shared it). Here is a reminder for those who missed it: Well, good news […]

Infowars Reporter Get Shut Down By Ballsy Little Girl

For those unfamiliar with Infowars, it is a website that tends to believe and advocate a great deal of lies and propaganda about conspiracy theories (addressing them ALL as if they were real, right down to iea that our entire world is run by shape shifting lizard people, no joke) and overall, they are the […]

Sun Unleashes Biggest Solar Flare in A Decade

Image Via Sometimes very early this morning, the sun burst out two solar flares. Though the first one was sizable, it was the second of the two that made it newsworthy, as the second solar flare spotted this morning was the biggest solar flare we have seen in a decade.   Decided the current huge […]