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No More Popping Bubble Wrap, Thanks to Redesign

Okay, hold on. Before we all ugly-cry in unison, let’s get our facts straight: the bubble wrap we know and love is about to lose its poppable quality, and we have Sealed Air Corp, its original makers, to thank for it. There’s actually a very very good reason behind the change — two reasons, as […]

Reddit’s iAMA And Other Popular Subreddits Are Offline After Admin Conflict

What are we going to do without Reddit ask me anything sessions?? Several popular subreddit pages have been taken offline and made private, including our favorite, “ask me anything.” Other closed pages included videos, todayilearned and Askreddit. It seems there is something brewing behind the scenes over at Reddit. Today the popular site posted a […]

Thanks To KFC, Pizza Fried Chicken Is Now A Thing

Fried chicken is pretty amazing. Pizza is great too. So, a combination of the two is enough to make your taste buds explode. Well, KFC has answered our food prayers and created crispy pizza fried chicken. Yes, you read that right. KFC restaurants in Hong Kong are now serving Napoli Crispy Pizza chicken. Advertised as […]

Stephen Colbert And Eminem Take Over Public Access Show

MICHIGAN, United States (SND) — Talk show host and political satirist Stephen Colbert surprised the Michigan town of Monroe with a temporary takeover of the local public access show “Only in Monroe”. The hilarious 41 minute program originally aired at midnight on Michigan’s Mpac station, but went viral on YouTube soon afterward. The show began with […]