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Diver Dances With Sharks To Protest Shark Killings [Video]

This video went online back in 2014, but we think it’s pretty cool and deserves a spotlight here on SND. This particular video has recently had a number of Tumbler folk oohing and aahing, and with good reason. We see a raven-haired dancer clad in a bikini, leather vambraces, weighted boots, and body paint, gracefully […]

Teen Pretends to Be Cop, Accidentally Pulls Over Real Cop

A Virginia teen impersonated a police officer and attempted to pull over a real off-duty cop. oredom is a teenage boy‘s worst enemy. Surely, it was boredom that drove Joshua Rosene to impersonate a police officer. Of course, that’s giving the 18 year-old Virginia teen the benefit of the doubt, something the cop he tried to pull […]

Republicans Explain Why They #FeelTheBern

As Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders catches up to Hilary Clinton in the Democratic primaries, he’s drawing bipartisan support from Republicans and Independents.   hen Bernie Sanders announced his candidacy early this year, few thought he’d have a shot at beating Hilary Clinton in the Democratic primaries. That perception has gradually changed as Sanders closes in […]

“104-Year-Old” Dapper Granddad Gives Us Life [Photos]

Forget handlebar mustaches, monocles, and canes. Forget everything the hipster gents cruising down Williamsburg on their fixie bikes have taught you about dressing to the nines. This dapper granddad knows what real style looks like. Meet Günther Krabbenhöft. Günther goes about his daily business dressed sportingly sharper than most folks we know. As far as […]