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“Thanks, Haters!” Ugly-Cute Girl Feeds Off Troll Tweets

This ugly-cute girl could be the new face of positivity — and it’s absolutely gorgeous. This young lady, only known to the rest of cyberspace as @_5m91, gained a boom in her follower count — all 3,000 new followers in record time. The reason? Her epic before-and-after snap. 1万RTありがとう( ゚σω゚) — まあたそ@本郷奏多愛が止まらない (@_5m91) December […]

Watch This Incredible 95-Foot Christmas Tree Come To Life [Video]

The 95-foot Christmas tree at Dallas’s Galleria mall is known throughout the country. It isn’t just its impressive size that makes it famous, it’s the intricate decorations and the huge amount of labor that goes into its inception every year. This 95-foot tree is the largest indoor Christmas tree in the nation. Overlooking the mall’s […]

Prank Black Friday Offers at Target Are 100% Win

Black Friday — intense, high-pressure, manic, violent shopping. And that’s sometimes just the first few minutes of the mall’s opening hours. However, every now and then, someone comes along and pranks shoppers, and leaves them befuddled and dumbstruck. these pranksters certainly make the world a better place. Jeff Wysaski, who gives you internet greats such as […]

Google Celebrates Lucy the Hominid’s 41st Birthday

41 years ago today, paleoanthropologist Donald Johanson discovered an unusual shin bone buried in the loose, dusty rock formations of Hadar, Ethiopia. He couldn’t have known it at the time, but this initial discover would be monumental to our understanding of human evolution. A year later, Johnson and his team returned to Hadar. Over the following weeks, […]