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Interview With A Cannibal: Infamous German Cannibal Tells All

Interview With A Cannibal: The Disturbing Tale Of Armin Meiwes German Armin Meiwes achieved worldwide notoriety when he was convicted of killing and eating a man for his own sexual satisfaction. Though the case was disturbing in its own right, it was the detail that Meiwes victim was willing to be eaten that catapulted the story into the […]

Hugh Jackman Posts Pics After Skin Cancer Treatment

Actor Hugh Jackman posted a picture on Facebook after receiving treatment for skin cancer, warning his fans to use sunscreen. “An example of what happens when you don’t use sunscreen,” he wrote. “Basal cell. The mildest form of cancer. PLEASE WEAR SUNSCREEN and get check ups regularly!” This isn’t the first time Jackman has been […]

Say Hello to The Man Braid on Instagram

This early in 2016, we just might see the man bun well on its way out, with the man braid to take its rightful place as the hipster hairstyle of choice. Men’s magazines hate it; women’s mags and style publications love it. Whichever side you choose to sit on the proverbial fence, there’s no denying that […]

1 Man, 6 Photographers, 6 Unique Perspectives

If a picture is indeed worth a thousand words, then photographers are masters at crafting brand new stories for their subjects. The resulting image of the person on a photograph depends greatly on how the photographer chooses to see the person and tell their story. Canon invited six photographers to practice their craft in a […]