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Technology has become a mainstay of everyday life. Think about all the apps you use everyday. Then, think about how often we come across a new tech project that we just can’t get enough of. Have you ever thought about the people and the stories that are behind these digital trailblazers? One website is taking […]

‘Fashion Dads’ on Instagram Puts Spotlight on Dad-Fleek

Aaaah, yes. Dads. No matter what kind of relationship you have with them, Dads are always and forever going to do what they do best — Dad. They’ll cook for you by ordering takeout or pizza, make terrible puns and crack the corniest jokes, and just meander about in the most Dad way possible. And […]

Smashed iPhones in China to Protest Spratlys Ruling

China has not been a happy camper these past few weeks. An international tribunal has just recently ruled that their claim to ownership of a group of tiny islands it has been tussling over The Philippines, Brunei, and Malaysia over has just been declared not legitimate. Filipinos were just all too glad to send them […]