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Internet Enraged; Killer of #CeciltheLion Forced to Close Shop

Cecil the Lion was an iconic and well-loved figure of the Zimbabwean savannah. He walked the grasslands of Hwange’s National Park, was the head of his own pride, and reared cubs to carry on his lineage. Cecil sported an unusual black mane, and visitors would always keep a charismatic eye out for him. Until most […]

Unveiling the Detroit Satanist Statue, As Told By Social Media

As an unspoken rule of the Internet goes, do not read the comments. Even Satanists would agree. Earlier this week, The Satanic Temple of Detroit unveiled a one-ton heavy, nearly-nine-foot statue of a Baphomet gazed at lovingly by two children, bearing the sigils of their worship, at what was called one of the “largest Satanic […]

Study Warns Social Media Use Can Lead To Mental Health Problems

As social media becomes more and more a part of our daily lives, the young generation Z is admitting they spend most of their time on social media sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat. Now, a new study is shedding light on the possibility that heavy social media use could lead to mental […]

Women’s Hilarious Parking Attempt Caught On Tape [Video]

Some women are horrible drivers. (DISCLAIMER: As a woman, I can say that.) This latest viral video shows two women attempting to park a Mini. The video, uploaded by Glasgow Steph, shows the red Mini trying to park in various parking spaces with no avail. Now, we can cut these women a little slack because […]