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Feb 12, 2013

Girl With IQ Of 161 Shares Her Thoughts On Twitter, Acts Like A Typical 16-Year-Old

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Lauren Marbe Super Genius

Lauren Marbe is a girl with an IQ of 161. While her IQ is higher than Stephen Hawking, Bill Gates and even Albert Einstein, she is also a 16-year-0ld girl with less than real world problems.

Marbe recently took the Mensa IQ test and scored a 161, a single point higher than the IQ experts believe Albert Einstein would have scored.

On her Twitter account you might expect Lauren to go all “Big Bang Theory” on her followers. Instead the teenager sounds just like we would expect from a girl in the midst of her teenage years.

We picked out a few of her less than brilliant Twitter moments:

Apparently even super geniuses don’t want to attend classes:

Super geniuses are also full of clever ways to express themselves using big people words:

Porn stars and ditzy blonde actresses and actors have also scored genius levels on the Mensa IQ test. The real test of Lauren Marbe’s intelligence will come in the years ahead when she actually has to apply her smarts to real world situations.

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