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Jan 21, 2013

Facebook Saves Your Search History: Here’s How To Delete It

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Activity Log

Were you aware that Facebook saves your search results? Whenever you search for a long lost friend, spy on an ex-girlfriend or simply look up information via the Facebook search bar that information is saved inside of your account settings.

For users looking to increase their own privacy Facebook searches can be deleted and the process is surprisingly simple (at least in terms of Facebook use).

First go to and when logged in you should see the “Activity Log” option below your cover photo:

Activity Log

After clicking on Activity Log look to the left side of your FB page and you will see “Photos, Likes, Comments” and the “More” link. Click on the “More” link.

Activity Log - More Link

After clicking on more a new list of features will be shown, click on the “Search” icon at the bottom of the list:

Facebook Search Icon

After clicking on the Search Icon you will see a list of searches, simply click on the “stop” circle to the right of the search and choose REMOVE:

Facebook Activity Log Delete History

You have now deleted your Facebook search history results.

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