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Jun 13, 2011

Facebook Nears 700 Million Users As Site Loses 6 Million U.S. Visitors In May

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Facebook Users

Facebook may be closing in on the 700 million users mark but the site actually managed in lose U.S. users in the month of May. According to reports 6 million U.S. visitors left the site, the first time the social network has lost users in the country since 2010.

Facebook users also left the site in Canada, the U.K., Norway and Russia, while developing countries such as India and Mexico continued to grow their overall presence.

According to, the stunted growth has been caused by a growing concern about privacy and the fact that Facebook has increasingly turned their users into a commodity of advertisers.

It has also been noted that Twitter has managed to attract more users with their more simple interface and lack of overbearing advertising.

It has been noted that when 50% of any given countries population is housed on Facebook growth slows to a near stop.

When those 6 million users begin to realize they can’t stay up to date on their friends I wouldn’t be surprised if quite a few of them jump back on the social network.

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