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Dec 18, 2012

National Geographic Suspends Instagram Account Following New Terms Of Servicce

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National Geographic Suspends Instagram Posts

Instagram changed its terms of service on Tuesday and immediately customers, businesses and analysts began to complain about the company’s TOS wording. Following those complaints the team at National Geographic has decided to suspend all new posts to its Instagram account.

The account located under the name @NatGeo is one of Instagram’s most popular accounts, garnering 638,629 followers.

In a post regarding its decision NatGeo writes:

“We are very concerned about the direction of the proposed new terms of service. If they remain as presented, we may close our account.”

The NatGeo announced arrived hours after CEO Kevin Systrom explained the company’s new TOS and ensured users that they would still retain control over their own content.

Instagram’s new terms of service will not go into effect until January 16, leaving plenty of time for changes to take place.

National Geographic Suspends Instagram Posts

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