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Dec 17, 2012

Racist Sunday Night Football Tweets Attack President Obama For Interrupting Game

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Racist Sunday Night Obama Tweets

President Barack Obama delivered a tribute speech to the victims of the Newtown School Shooting on Sunday night and his speech was met with many racist and disrespectful tweets from football fans.

NFL fans were upset about missing part of their Sunday Night Football games and in return began using the N-Word and other racist words to describe their feelings towards the President.

Obama interrupted the San Francisco 49ers and the New England Patriots game on Sunday night as he delivered his speech regarding the Newtown, Connecticut school shooting.

Along with attacking President Obama other tweets demanded that NBC return to the game.

Here is a sampling of the incredibly racist tweets:

Some tweets were not as offensive but still disrespectful:

Finally some viewers seemed more upset at NBC than President Obama:

Other tweets have since been “protected” by Twitter users who likely felt immediate backlash for their outlandishly racist remarks.

Do you think Twitter users went overboard with their President Obama speech comments?

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