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Nov 30, 2012

The Amazing Birth Of Reddit Involved Sandwiches, Booze, And Dumb Luck [Video]

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How was Reddit born?

Reddit Founders Steve Huffman and Alexis Ohanian explain the origins of the social forum in the video embedded above. These charming and surprisingly candid fellows created Reddit in 2005 alongside Paul Graham and with the help of Y Combinator.

“Reddit was not created to do good works,” Ohanian says. “But I can’t help but be really, really pleased with how much good Reddit has done for the world.”

If you’re a young social entrepreneur or media aficionado, the nearly 12-minute video is definitely worth your time. If that kind of stuff doesn’t really appeal to you, I’d first like to ask you why you’re even here, and then I’d tell you to watch it anyway because it’s funny.

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