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Aug 21, 2014

Pay My Tuition Challenge Tries To Be Next Ice Bucket Challenge

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OK, we’ve seen about 27,000 ice bucket challenge videos so far. So what’s next? How about the Pay My Tuition Challenge.

Hey, if you don’t ask…

The hashtag #PayMyTuitionChallenge went viral on Twitter today. Users have been tweeting rich celebrities like Bill Gates and Oprah asking them to step up and pay for their tuition. They even give them a deadline just like the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.

Now, this challenge hasn’t been accepted by anyone yet but crazier things have happened. Some celebrity may see one of those tweets while they are in a particularly generous mood. Maybe they’ll pay for somebody’s tuition. Or maybe they’ll donate to a charity that helps kids pay for school.

Do you think the #PayForMyTuitionChallenge will be successful? No? Yeah, this is a fruitless endeavor.

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