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Aug 12, 2014

Burger King Flirts With Woman On Twitter

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Did Burger King just try to hit on this woman? Twitter user @KatieLouKarl received an interesting message from Burger King after she posted a photo of herself on Twitter.

Katie Lou Karl, like the rest of the Burger King eating world, went to the restaurant last night for the return of BK’s chicken fries. Then Katie Lou Karl, like the rest of the selfie-obsessed world, took a picture of her food.

Of course, Katie’s photo also included a glimpse of her legs in a pair of short shorts.

Someone at Burger King (we’re guessing a young male intern) saw the photo and decided to reach out to this Burger King customer.

Now, you might be thinking: What’s the big deal? Companies reach out to customers all the time on Twitter.

And you’re right. BK commented on dozens of photos yesterday after fans posted photos of their chicken fries. Most of the messages were simple, like “Thanks” or “aren’t they delicious.” But for Katie Lou Karl, well, it looks like the restaurant wanted to get a little more personal.

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