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Oct 28, 2012

Draw Something Gets Windows Phone Treatment, Nokia Lumia Receives Two Month Exclusive

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Draw Something For Windows Phone

Zynga has finally released the popular game Draw Something for the Windows Phone platform. The new offering is currently only available for Nokia Lumia smartphones, an exclusive offer that will last for the next two months.

Draw Something has long been available on iOS and Android based smartphones but failed to appear on the newer Windows Phone 7 OS.

Zynga has a lot at stake with Draw Something which it purchased as part of its OMGPOP acquisition. Zynga spent $210 million on the social Pictionary style game but it had already reached critical mass and began to falter shortly after the acquisition.

While Draw Something is not earning the $360,000 per day on iOS device it brought in during its heyday, the system is still earning a significant amount of money for Zynga.

Also soon to be released for Windows Phone will be the popular Words with Friends social game and Zynga Poker.

[Image via Verge]

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