Newcastle Giving Away Money To New Followers

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Brands are always looking for new ways to get more followers. Some develop cool viral campaigns. Some develop unique hashtags to encourage engagement. Others, like Newcastle, just open up their wallets and start handing out cash.

The beer company is offering Twitter users one millionth of one million dollars (or just $1) if they start following @NewCastle.

New Castle says in the commercial: “Sure, we could come up with a cool fan contest, create unique content, or develop a hashtag but that takes a lot of work and it’s summer and we’d rather just get out of here.”

New Castle will be giving one millionth of one million dollars to their first 50,000 new followers. But don’t expect instant gratification. New Castle won’t be using Paypal or Bitcoin to pay their new followers. Nope, they’ll be sending out checks.

And judging by this response, it looks like it will take a long time for those checks to come out.

The ad pokes fun of itself for being a half-baked idea but it isn’t really a joke. This really is a half-baked idea and I doubt that anyone really gets their $1 check. I just followed New Castle on Twitter so I’ll let you know when I become a one millionth-aire. But don’t expect an update anytime soon.


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