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Apr 8, 2014

What A Burnout, Getting Soaked Looks Like In Super Slow-Mo [Video]

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Slow motion cameras were first used in the late 1930s, and make just about anything approximately 10 times cooler to watch.

When it comes to slow-mo videos on YouTube, there’s no bigger channel than The Slow Mo Guys. Created by Gavin Free and Daniel Gruchy in 2010, they currently have over 3.7 million subscribers.

Their latest video captures a Scion coupe doing a burnout, and splashing through a huge puddle while Gavin and Daniel feel its wrath. To make matters worse, the temperature outside was “absolutely freezing.”

Slowed down to 2500 frames per second, viewers get to relive every second of their pain, and see a “successful” display of getting absolutely soaked.

Uploaded Monday, the video has over 720,000 views. For another super slow-mo video involving water, you can also watch their most popular video with over 51 million views:

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