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Mar 29, 2014

Hip Hop Artist Joe Budden Posts Anti-Sikh Photo On Instagram

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Joe Budden The Rapper

American rapper and member of hip hop group Slaughterhouse, Joe Budden, is receiving some unwanted social media attention unrelated to his music because of a recent tweet.

On Friday twitter user @FatehDOE posted a picture of a photo he found on Budden’s Instagram account of a man wearing a turban standing in a security line at an airport. Budden’s caption on the Instagram post reads “Not on my watch Homeboy !”

Upon seeing the photo, other Twitter users joined in on the discussion and expressed their anger over the Instagram post.

One user says he fails to understand that even stereotypical terrorist jokes have gotten innocent sikhs killed, post 9/11, purely from ignorance.

Another asked for retweets, saying people should tell the rapper that posting a picture of an Indian Sikh man insinuating that he’s a terrorist is ‘not cool’.

Budden got into an exchange with another Twitter user over whether or not Budden crossed the line. The hip hop artist tried defending himself, saying that pointing out a stereotype isn’t racist.

[Photo Credit: Tumblr]

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