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Oct 6, 2012

LinkedIn Reveals The ‘Office Of Tomorrow’ Based On Employee Suggestions [Infographic]

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LinkedIn Office

Today’s employees are not concerned with fax machines, tape recorders, the rolodex and other office mainstays of their parents era. Instead they want chairs that generate heat, ping pong tables and even office tea carts.

Social business platform LinkedIn surveyed 7,000 members from 18 countries to determine the best office tools and trends.

Not surprisingly the study also says employees want to ditch standard work hours and desk phones.

If you want natural sunlight and the kindergarten friendly “nap time” perhaps you should get together with the employees interviews for this LinkedIn survey.

This study shouldn’t come as a surprise as many employees have recently revealed that they would take a pay cut for more social media privileges while at work.

Here’s the infographic with more information from the company’s findings:

LinkedIn Modern Office Infographic

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