Amazon Prime Goes Up To $99 A Year, Twitter Still Thinks It’s A Steal

Amazon Prime has been rumored to increase since late January, and today the e-commerce giant confirmed it would be increasing $20 per year.

Prime comes highly recommended among avid online shoppers, who get free 2-day shipping and access to Amazon’s growing library of streaming TV shows and movies.

Price increases are just a part of doing business, and the company has to cover increased shipping costs, as well as please shareholders after lackluster earnings.

Fortunately for Amazon, it looks like it’s not going to lose too many customers:

However, for those who can’t stomach the few extra Starbucks coffees a year, online retailer ShopRunner will hook up unhappy Prime subscribers with a free one-year subscription.

How do you feel about the Amazon Prime price increase?

Photo credit: Nomadic Lass via photopin cc

Author: Mike Stenger

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