Toronto Zoo’s Giant Panda Plays In The Snow [Video]

Featured image for Toronto Zoo’s Giant Panda Plays In The Snow [Video]

The Toronto Zoo’s giant panda, Da Mao, has seen snow before, but a recent video of him frolicking and tumbling in the fluffy white coldness would make you think otherwise.

The zoo was forced to close early on Wednesday because of record-breaking snowfall, but security cameras were able to catch the endangered panda as he rolled around, slid, explored, and accidentally did a front flip in his outdoor habitat.

While I, for one, can’t wait until I can see the grass again it seems like this friendly panda can’t get enough of the massive snowfall. The storm dropped about 7-8 inches of snow and forced the cancellation of several schools and public places.

Does the Toronto Zoo’s giant panda make you wish you were a kid celebrating a snow day? Yeah, me too.

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