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Dec 16, 2013

Dylan Sprouse On Nude Photos: At Least You Can’t See My Third Testicle

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dylan sprouse

Dylan Sprouse found himself in the middle of a nude photo scandal this weekend when his ex-girlfriend reportedly posted a few scandalous pics to the internet.

The nude photos of the Suite Life Of Zack Cody star quickly went viral and Dylan decided to do the only thing he could really do: He admitted that it was him and said that he was ready to move past it.

Sprouse reportedly sexted the photos to an ex-girlfriend. Well, it turns out that that was a mistake. The anonymous woman posted them to the internet and now everyone is taking turns pointing, laughing and mocking Sprouse’s manhood.

Dylan could have sent a small dick joke back at his brother telling Cole that, you know, they are identical twins but the former Disney star decided to go a different route.

OK, that’s enough talk about naked Disney stars. Oh, wait, did you want to see Dylan Sprouse nude? Here’s a barely clothed photo from The Hollywood Gossip. You can see Sprouse in all his glory, minus that pesky third testicle, here.

dylan sprouse