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Nov 12, 2013

College Admissions Officers Are Checking Social Media, Could Deny Your Application

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What you post on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media networks could hurt your chances of getting into your college of choice.

A new study from Kaplan has found that 31% of college admission officers check social media to see if an applicant would make a good fit at their educational institution. That number is up by 5% from last year

While an increasing number of admissions officers are checking Facebook, Twitter, and other networks, they say the number of admission denials based on social network finds is actually down by 5% year-over-year.

If you simply can’t live without your Facebook page and other social-based accounts, we recommend setting all of your posts to private. With Twitter you can hide your message all together and with Facebook you can even remove the friends request button completely.

We don’t know how much weight college admissions officers place on social media interactions. We assume they don’t want to read about your 17 or 18-year-old binge drinking or other underage escapades.

Are you worried about the weight college admissions officers might be placing on your social media profiles?

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