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Mar 17, 2012

Justin Bieber Wants Twitter Fans To Help Him Pick Single Cover

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Justin Bieber Twitter Album Help

Justin Bieber wants his Twitter followers to help him pick the cover for his upcoming single “boyfriend” and to reach that goal he’s using the power of Twitter hashtags.

In the first photo Bieber is looking into the camera and running his hands through his hair (pictured below) and that photo can be voted on using #JBboyfriend1. The second photo features Justin Bieber looking off in the distance and can be tweeted using #JBboyfriend2.

Justin Bieber Twitter Album Tweet

The winning choice will be revealed on Monday and in the meantime fans of Bieber’s music can “unlock exclusive content” by visiting

Do you think Justin Bieber is using this Twitter contest more to promote his new single than to get his fans involved in the process of selecting a single track cover?

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