#Mamming Meme Uses Boobs, Instagram To Raise Breast Cancer Awareness

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There are a lot of ways to raise awareness about breast cancer. You can wear pink during a football game. You can go around motorboating strangers. Or you can join in on the #mamming meme.

ThisIsMamming.com explains the new meme: #Mamming is the act of laying your (clothed) boobs on a flat surface. Like a counter. Or a bench. Or the body of a person who is #planking.

You see that? Two memes plus boobs. It’s just what the internet has been asking for.

The site writes that getting a mammogram can be an awkward experience and that #mamming can make the situation a little easier for women.

The site writes: “Mamming is a chance for all of us to show solidarity with the millions of women getting mammograms this Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Because when a woman reaches a certain age, doctors recommend that she get a mammogram to screen for the disease, and the procedure involves laying her boobs on the machine’s flat surface … It’s awkward. But it can save her life. Because when breast cancer is caught early, over 90% of women beat it.”

That little * is referring to men. And yes, men can join in on the #mamming craze too.

Here’s a video about mamming.

Do you think #mamming will catch on? It seems destined to be the next big thing. After all, it combines boobs, social good, and Instagram. What more could you ask for?

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