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Sep 22, 2013

Jennifer Hudson Doppelganger Posted On Instagram, Fools Paparazzi

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Jennifer Hudson Doppleganger on Instagram

Jennifer Hudson recently discovered that she has a doppelganger. Apparently the female in question looks so much like Hudson that members of the paparazzi began following her down the street.

One photo of the Hudson look-alike was posted to a popular entertainment website with the caption “Jennifer Hudson Dressing to Impress.”

The photo in reality was just a random woman walking down the street, probably wondering why people were taking her photo and screaming “Jennifer, Jennifer.” Who knows maybe her name is Jennifer.

Jennifer Hudson was alerted about her doppelganger and posted the celebrity websites photo along with the caption: “Cute girl! But that ain’t me! I know the poor girl was like, y r they taking pictures of me!! Wow!”

Here’s the Instagram post:

Do you think Jennifer Hudson’s doppelganger looks just like the famed singer and actress?

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