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Sep 10, 2013

A Man’s Thoughts On Your Pinterest-Based Wedding Planning

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What A Guy Thinks Of Your Pinterest Wedding

There are a lot of Pinterest-based wedding planning boards to comb through. While some of the boards offer touching photographs and a good sense of the people getting married, others are boring and uninspired.

The Pinterest account “A Man’s Thoughts on Your Pinterest Wedding” ( aims to show women what a man thinks makes for sexy and rugged wedding pictures.

The accounts founder writes:

“I’m a man. With a beard. The mission: to tirelessly filter through hordes of wedding boards for things that we men truly appreciate – in the manliest of ways.”

Is this guy going to draw guys into Pinterest? Honestly this probably isn’t what most guys are thinking about.

Here’s another look at his Pinterest wedding selections that men are supposed to appreciate.

What A Guy Thinks Of Your Pinterest Wedding Posts

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