May 9, 2013

Bang With Friends Goes Mobile With Android And iOS Apps

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Bang With Friends mobile

Controversial hook-up client Bang With Friends has a long list of haters, but the web-based app just keeps growing and growing. To wit, Wednesday marked the debut of Bang With Friends mobile apps for Android and iOS.

Our Bang With Friends contact “C” shot us some details regarding the new apps, saying : “We are ecstatic to give our users the ability to bang on the go!” Gee, that does sound exciting! What are the features?

The Bang With Friends mobile apps “provide the same honest and simple experience” as the viral hit at, but with a few new perks. The main one is a much-requested “undo a bang” option, which allows you to de-select potential hook-up partners.

Also, because “BWF is all about honest intentions and cutting through the bullshit,” the apps allow an “up for hanging” option to grab a cuppa with a potential hook-up partner and get to know them a bit better before you jump right into bed.

I actually asked “C” about this feature, because it seemed to me that it was a concession to critics of the app. Hanging out with someone before you go to bed with them sounds … well … kind of like a date. Furthermore, it seems to dilute the original concept of Bang With Friends and remove some of the controversy surrounding it.

But “C” says that the decision had nothing to do with criticism or controversy, and everything to do with user experience and providing their hundreds of thousands of users options that they asked for.

“We want to be the most honest way to create and strengthen relationships offline. We observed that some of our users wanted to be more truthful about their intentions when they weren’t quite ready to jump into bed with a particular friend (while they are ready to bang some other friends). So we’re testing out the option to set expectations of just hanging out on that first rendezvous.

“It’s not about traditional dating for us; it’s about making something that actually fits into what our generation wants.”

The mobile apps keep the anonymous nature of the web client. No one will you are “down to bang” them unless they select you for the same reason.

Bang With Friends has experienced a ridiculous amount of success since starting out, having hooked up over 200,000 couples/friends-with-benefits, and seeing over 900,000 new members join in the last 90 days.

You can check out screencaps of the Bang With Friends mobile apps below, but if you already want it, you can get Android here and iOS here.