[Social Law] Another Facebook Feud Moves to Real Life, Gets Stabby

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Two teens were involved in a Facebook fracas that turned violent, with one hospitalized due to a serious stab wound and the other in handcuffs.

The stabbing occurred back on February 28th, after a long Facebook kerfuffle between the two teen girls. Both teens are protected by juvenile offender laws in Canada, so their names were not released to the press. The victim and the attacker spent the day prior to the incident volleying insults on the social network, with one threatening to go to the other’s house and continue the disagreement:

The accused, who lived in the same area as the victim, posted a final threat saying she was going to continue the fight in person. She walked over to the victim’s home and began throwing snowballs at her door. When the victim opened the door, the two began fighting.

The accused slashed the victim in the forehead with a kitchen knife before plunging it into her chest and puncturing her lung. She then threw the knife in a snow bank and walked home.

The teen charged with the violent crime pled guilty to a charge of aggravated assault at an earlier court date. When paramedics arrived, they reported hearing a “sucking sound” from the victim’s chest before rushing her to a local hospital for treatment.

While EMTs worked to save the teen’s life, the attacker logged back on to Facebook to brag about the attack:

Sitting in her blood soaked clothes, she typed another message to the victim on Facebook.

“Let that be a f—— warning to you,” the teenager wrote. “Try s— again and I’ll f— you up even more.”

The latest hearing was intended to be a sentencing hearing, but the judge adjourned her final decision until August 15th. The accused teen apologized to the victim in court, saying her actions were not “acceptable.”

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