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NYC Police #MyNYPD Hashtag Campaign Backfires

NYC Police #MyNYPD Hashtag Campaign Horribly Backfires

Define public relations disaster. Allow me. It's inviting the public to use the hashtag #MyNYPD while also asking them for photos featuring police officers. Early Tuesday the New York City Police Department attempted to be interactive, asking Twitter users to submit their photographs with police officers using the hashtag #MyNYPD. Alas, the hashtag campaign ...

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Pat Tillman Mourned On Social Media

Pat Tillman is remembered today as an American hero on the 10th anniversary of his death. The Pat Tillman story is tragic. You probably know it by now. RIP Pat Tillman. Left his NFL career to serve his country and was killed over in Afghanistan 10 years ago today.— Steve Benko ...


Tomato Flavored Ice cream

Haagen Dazs Japan Announces Carrot And Tomato Flavors On Facebook

You might be aware of the craziness that is everything that comes from Japan. When viewed through our Western perspective, Japan seems very strange.  I'm sure it's not. I'm sure if  I lived there my entire life, things like a J-Pop Death Metal band would seem perfectly reasonable.  Any international ...



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Facebook Commands 53% Of Social Logins

Facebook maintained its number one position as a social login provider, now powering 53 percent of all social logins, according to new data from Gigya. Today, the company published its quarterly Landscape of Social Login report, and says Facebook now commands 51 percent share in North America. Here's how other social networks compared ...