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Is Your Website Not Getting Traffic? Read This!

In the last five years, small businesses have increased spending on websites and online marketing or one simple reason. Exposure. Customer growth has been shown to correlate to great SEO and online marketing directly. The return on investments (ROI) is significantly higher with online marketing than it is with traditional print and mailer marketing.

Swedish Contest Let the People Name New Train Trainy McTrainface

You see, this is what happens when you hand the power to the people. We abuse it for laughs. The truth of this story runs much deeper, though. When given the power to the people via internet poll to name a new public transit boat in Sweden recently, all the people chose Boat McBoatface, and […]

4 Resource Guides to Improve WordPress and Social Media Performance

We all know the power of WordPress and how effective it can be for blogging. However, just going with the standard and accepting things for the way they are is never a good idea — especially when the performance and success of your site are on the line. This is especially true when you consider […]

Man With Giant Balls Removes Eight Foot Long Snake Hidden In His House

How do you think you would react if you found a snake of that size (seen above) in your house? Though most people would throw a fit, that is what snake handlers are for, as their speciality is right in their name. That is exactly what one family did when they found out a rather […]