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The Hilarious Results of Trying To Eat In 125 MPH Wind [Video]

Nicknamed “The Breakfast of Champions”, this epic mealtime shows a man attempting to eat a bowl of cereal in wind gusting at more than 100 MPH. Originally shot last year, the video shows a man sitting atop the Mount Washington Observatory in North Conway, New Hampshire. The footage shows just how powerful the wind is […]

On A Budget? Don’t Go Grocery Shopping In Bethel, Alaska [Video]

$20 for a canister of coffee. $54 for a pack of diapers. Hey, look Coke is on sale for $9.98. You might be shocked at those prices, but for the citizens of one Alaskan town, it’s the norm. Before you plan a getaway to Alaska or move to the bush, you need to watch this […]

Bystanders Lift Doubledecker Bus To Save Unicyclist’s Life [Video]

About a hundred random bystanders did the nigh-impossible and lifted a doubledecker bus in a unified effort to save a unicyclist’s life at Walthamstow, east London, Thursday. The unicyclist, 55, was hit by a large vehicle, a 212 bus, and slipped under the bus before 6:00 pm. People walking to and from their destinations, restaurant […]

Smallest Penis Pageant Is Short for Contestants [Video]

Is the mass of your manhood getting you down? Do you often find yourself flying at half-mast? Is your partner unimpressed by the length of your sword, or the might of your missile? Do you wish your derringer were a mighty tank turret? Don’t fret, because this contest just might be the thing to lift […]

Woman Performs Eminem’s ‘Lose Yourself’ In Sign Language [Video]

Eminem’s hit song ‘Lose Yourself’ topped the charts and starred in a major movie, but one woman just took it to the next level. American Sign Language interpreter, Shelby Mitchusson performed the rap song on YouTube and the results are epic. The soon-to-be Internet sensation has also been known to interpret hardcore rock songs at […]

Man Calls Suicide Line, They Show Up And Kill Him

Justin Way was in very bad shape. He was having a mental breakdown, only exasperated by feelings of helplessness and hopelessness. He was growing more and more despondent and at one point, finally seemed like he was going to hurt himself by holding a knife to his own neck. In an act of bravery his […]

Groom Slams Meninists With Brilliant Comeback, Twitter Applauds

You know those Meninists? That group of men on the Internet who focus on bringing to light the “immense and unbearable turmoil” of being a man in this day and age, of Oh the privilege! and Oh the wage inequality in their favor! and Egad, the double standards and the glass ceilings! — well, that, […]

Ghetto Spiderman Knocks His Own Ass Out At Party

Here’s the thing. If you are going to hire a performer in costume for your kid’s birthday party, there are a couple things you want to do. First, quick background check. Last thing you want it Spiderman pulling your kid into a closet to get his “spidey senses tingling’. Next up, ask around. Find people […]