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PBS Characters, ‘Arthur And DW’ Trending On Twitter Because Of Incest?

There are Twitter moments that really don’t make any sense. No one knows where they come from, like this current trend involving Arthur and DW, two popular PBS cartoon characters from the show Arthur. If you have watched PBS cartoons any time in the past nineteen years, then you know all about Arthur. Well now, […]

The Messy, Hilarious Joys of Bringing Up Baby, According To Twitter

Dear parents, specially the brand-new parents out there bringing up Baby, we salute you. It’s not easy bringing up a tiny human whose only vocabulary consists of chortles, squeals, and bawling. There’s finding the eternally burning will to live and keep going through the sleepless nights, dirty diapers, and constant guesswork of needs. There’s the […]

A Brief Reminder Of How Awesome Bill Clinton Once Was

Alright, Monica Lewinsky and the impeachment but everything else aside, Bill Clinton was pretty awesome. He’s probably one of the best public speakers in American history. And last night we were reminded of how great he still is in front of a crowd, he was a shadow of his former self but there were peeks […]

Glow-in-the-dark Concrete Could Change the Way We Light City Streets

Glow-in-the-dark cement could change the world. An invention by José Carlos Rubio Avalos could revolutionize the way we light city streets. The Mexican scientist has developed glow-in-the-dark cement—which when added to concrete, could pave the way for lampless, eco-friendly streets. According to CNN: “The energy-efficient material soaks up sunlight during the daytime and begins to emit […]