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Gifts Pour In For New Cambridge Princess

Write An Essay, Win a Goat Farm

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Social Media in Uproar Over #MayPac Match

#RoyalBaby Explodes All Over Twitter

Horray! Horray! What a wonderful day for Twitter, as it’s all a-buzz with the news of the #RoyalBaby, and good cheer has spread where the hashtag goes. Congratulations! #RoyalBaby “@BBCNews: In pictures: #RoyalBaby celebrations” — Gap Lincoln Road (@GapLincolnRoad) May 2, 2015 Such good news to wake up to! #RoyalBaby — Valerie […]

Senior Punches Bear in The Face to Save His Dog

Nobody messes with Lacy — nobody, not even bears. when Carl Jones’ pet Chihuahua Lacy was threatened by a menacing bear straight out of the woods, this veteran absolutely wouldn’t take it sitting down. After yelling and cursing at the bear to get its attention, Jones ran right up to him and socked it right […]

Why Hackers Are Paying Close Attention To Your Social Media Activity

In this day in age, social media has become an important part of our everyday life. From keeping up with family and friends to chronicling snapshots and selfies, everyone has a large cyber footprint. But could all of this social media activity be putting you in danger? We sat down with Shaun Murphy, one of […]

#UpForWhatever: Do You Think Bud Light’s Slogan Promotes Rape?

#UpForWhatever. That’s the message Bud Light wants to promote with their newly designed cans. Recent commercials feature drinkers of the beer that are ‘up for anything.’ From a life-size game of Pac-Man to a pirate-theme backyard transformation, Bud Light wants to make life a little more spontaneous and fun. But, it seems their latest motto […]

90’s Kids, Rejoice! The Tamagotchi Is Now On Your Apple Watch

Remember your first Tamagotchi in the 90’s? (Or at least, seeing your friend’s first tamagotchi, which kind of gives you the same feeling.) Turning that tiny, electronic, plastic egg in your hands, getting a feel for the button system of the game, scrolling through the menu and the many options while your pixelated charge watches you […]

Houston Rockets Tweet Rape Joke To Celebrate Win

The Houston Rockets defeated the Dallas Mavericks in the NBA playoffs on Wednesday night and it seemed they were too excited to think rationally. The Rockets tweeted out a joking status to celebrate as the game neared a close. The joke was considered by many to be referring to the act of rape and considered […]