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The Good and Bad of Social Media

It used to be that the Internet was all about forums, sharing files, blogging, creating websites using free platforms like Weebly - now you have many other options like this great tool from - and reading the news. People who had access to the Internet were far and few in ...

Social Media

The Wait documentary

The Wait: Comparing iPhone 6 Lines to Homeless People on the Streets

I've always wondered at the passion, eagerness, and tenacity of the people who line up for the newest iPhone and/or iPad outside Apple Stores around the world. Every time there is a new device released, people start lining up days before the device actually goes on sale. They camp out ...


jennifer lopez booty

Jennifer Lopez Reclaims ‘Booty’ Throne With New Video

Forget Kim Kardashian. Forget Nicki Minaj. Jennifer Lopez is back to reclaim her world's greatest booty title. The singer released a new video this week for her song "Booty." The video features Iggy Azalea and a whole lot of skin. Lopez sings: "Have you seen her on the dance floor. She's got the ...


iphone 6 image

First iPhone 6 Gets Dropped On Live TV [Video]

Jack Cooksey was the first consumer to get his hand on a new iPhone 6. And then, a few moments later, he was the first person to drop it. Ta da! Jack Cooksey, the first person to emerge from the Apple Store with a brand new #iphone6 @TenNewsPerth — Claire Grantham10 ...