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Google Celebrates Lucy the Hominid’s 41st Birthday

41 years ago today, paleoanthropologist Donald Johanson discovered an unusual shin bone buried in the loose, dusty rock formations of Hadar, Ethiopia. He couldn’t have known it at the time, but this initial discover would be monumental to our understanding of human evolution. A year later, Johnson and his team returned to Hadar. Over the following weeks, […]

Can Science Explain the Rise of Bernie Sanders?

Jeremy Corbyn, Justin Trudeau, Bernie Sanders, and even Donald Trump all have something in common: nobody was expecting them. All four are part of a populist phenomenon that’s sweeping political circles in this worldwide election season. For Corybn and Trudeau, their respective chances at victory were largely shrugged off by political pundits and the media, and yet […]

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Whether you are trying to escape the flood of family taking over your home or simply need something to watch while you fight off a turkey coma, there is some must-see television for this Thanksgiving. Maybe, you family has some traditions of what to watch during turkey day festivities, like football games. Of course, there […]

Woman Complains About Crafting On Train, Gets Trolled

Let’s face it folks: trains just aren’t safe anymore. Every day, millions of commuters worldwide risk their lives to get from Point A to Point B and face the many horrors and dangers on the trip — sleazy books! Microbes! Crafting! Crafting?! Concerned Singaporean citizen Tan Lay Hoon sent in a complaint to the press about […]