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US Airways Tweet A ‘Mistake,’ Airline Claims In Statement

A US Airways tweet involving a pornographic image has caused foreseeable headaches for the air carrier, and as Social News Daily reported yesterday, the brand has already gone into backpedal mode following the Twitter controversy. In our earlier post on the US Airways tweet, Dan Evon noted that the image was ...



Sony Walkman

Kids React To Seeing A Walkman For The First Time [Video]

Time machines may not be real, but this is the closest thing to it. Prepare to feel very old. The Fine Brothers Productions have put out numerous YouTube videos that become popular very fast. Mostly because it's a specific generation reacting to something out of their norm. In this segment called ...



SeedInvest Crowdfunds Startup Money For Its Own Crowdfunding Platform

Crowdfunding platform SeedInvest is attempting to join the ranks of Kickstarter, Indiegogo, and others. The company, which specializes in crowdfunding capital for startups, is turning to crowdfunding to raise much needed cash. Potential investors for the platform must create an account to view pitch videos from prospective tech companies. Okay follow ...