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Michelle Obama Fixes Barack’s Bowtie; Becomes Meme

Admit it, America: we’ve never had a First Family so relatable — and so meme-able! Whether it’s reacting to mean tweets, dealing with a tantrumed toddler or dealing some real burns on current issues (courtesy of “Anger Translator Luther”, of course), President Barack Obama has been cheered, has been jeered, but there’s one thing undeniable […]

Terminally-ill Patients Live Out Final Wishes, Thanks to Dutch Non-Profit

When it comes to final wishes, it just takes a little compassion to give a terminally-ill person some kindness and dignity. Stichting Ambulance Wens — or Ambulance Wish Foundation — is a Dutch non-profit Organization that is dedicated to helping terminally-ill patients a chance to live out their dying wishes to the best of their […]

11% of Americans Think HTML is an STD

There are lots of ways people get out of touch with the times. Sometimes people miss out on a lot of information, and just try to figure things out for themselves. This is not one of the good ways. A recent study from VoucherCloud and published in the LA Times shows that 1 American in […]

“Peeple” App Lets You Rate People — Without Them Knowing

As if there still weren’t enough ways to compromise your consent, the Internet serves up this brand new thing called Peeple. Imagine an app that let’s you rate any human you’ve ever encountered in your life — your coworkers, friends, family members, exes, that dude you see often in the bus or subway — all […]