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#AskELJAmes Goes Horribly Wrong, Read the Results

It was just a few weeks ago when #Grey drew tweeps far and wide to revel in and gawk at excerpts of EL James’ newest book, “Grey”. Now the author’s publicity team decided to give #AskELJames a go, because why not? What could possibly go wrong for a Q&A session with the millions of Twitter […]

Karma Caught on Tape at Confederate Flag Parade [Video]

Warning: This article contains language some may find offensive. It’s a bad time to be a Duke boy. In the weeks following the racially-motivated Charleston massacre, activists across the United States have been working to get the Confederate flag, which they say represents racially insensitive attitudes, removed from public property. Politicians and members of the […]

Ted “Golden Voice” Williams is Running for President

OHIO, United States (AP) — Four years after a viral video helped lift Ted Williams out of homelessness, he’s announced plans to run for the presidency. In 2011, Williams was a homeless former voice actor whose life had been torn apart by substance abuse. Trying to get back on his feet, he stood near a busy […]

Why Is This Russian Soldier Carrying a Gigantic Wooden “iPhone”?

Anybody who’s been in the military will tell you discipline is harsh, ingenious, and frequently hilarious. Everyone has tales of a superior officer coming up with twistedly clever ways to punish unruly recruits. The Russian Armed Forces are no exception; only their disciplinary measures seem to mostly involve large hunks of wood. At least, that’s the impression […]