The Hot Dog Video You Didn’t Know You Needed To See [Video]

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The Hot Dog Video You Didn’t Know You Needed To See [Video]

The hot dog, America’s favorite food, is now the center of a rather strange viral video. Created by Murderbot Productions, the video features a man becoming a ‘human hot dog’. The man relishes (no pun intended) silently as buns, mustard and ketchup cascades down on him. Murderbot Productions says the video is their newest art project. […]

#AndreTheGiantFacts: Twitter Remembers Andre The Giant 22 Years After His Death

Stories about Andre the Giant border on legends. They are incredible, unbelievable, and for the most part, absolutely true. Twitter is celebrating this larger-than-life man today, the 22nd anniversary of his death, by sharing some amazing Andre The Giant facts. andre the giant died 22 years ago today. he would’ve been 68 years old and […]

5 Childhood Favorites You Didn’t Know Were Being Revived in 2015

It seems that the movie industry is always eager to look to the past for ideas for the future — and with a release schedule as packed as it is in 2015, a bit of name recognition can’t hurt. As such, there are plenty of remakes, reboots and repeats of some well-loved childhood franchises set […]

Denmark Non-Voters Feel The Wrath Of Voteman [Video]

Decided not to vote? Better watch your back! It seems as if the country of Denmark takes voting very seriously or light-hearted, considering on how you look at it. Meet Voteman, one of the country’s voting ploys, the superhero of Danish politics. Voteman dedicates his life to making sure Denmark’s citizens cast their vote for […]

The KFC Hot Dog Double Down Is Not A Hoax, But It Is Disgusting

The KFC Hot Dog Double Down is… it’s… it looks disgustingly delicious. Photos of the Hot Dog Double Down started circulating around the internet this week. According to Business Insider, the “does that really exist” menu item is currently being served in limited quantities in the Philippines. I need an adult RT @andytoddcook: Wut? […]

Man Slaps Bear, Lives To Talk About It [Video]

Never, ever try to fight a bear. One Alaskan man decided to try his luck by facing a bear head on. He slaps the bear right in the face. Normally, slapping a bear ends in death. Fortunately, this guy lives to see another day. #Alaskanthuglife. Even the other guy in the video is shocked to […]

Emma Watson Cast As Belle For ‘Beauty And The Beast’ Live-Action Musical

Emma Watson had one of the best Facebook posts today. It told the world she will be playing Belle from Disney’s Beauty and the Beast‘s adaptation in an upcoming live-action musical. Not sure who Emma Watson is? She is famous for her 10+ year role as Hermoine in the Harry Potter films.   She is […]

Woman Gets Bag Of Money Through Burger King Drive-Thru

Would you like fries with that? One woman got much more than her order while visiting a New Hampshire Burger King. The lady ordered a sweet tea and junior spicy chicken sandwich, but she got much more than what she bargained for: $2631 more to be exact. Janelle Jones was driving home when she opened […]

Weird Fast Food Menu Items From Around The World [Video]

Does anyone remember McDonald’s short-lived presence in the pizza industry. This commercial from 1990 will refresh your memory and make you want to slightly gag. Many fast food companies have made some crazy additions to their menus in an attempt to lure in customers. Unfortunately, many of them become failed gimmicks and are quietly taken […]