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100 year old woman sees ocean

100-Year-Old Woman Sees Ocean For First Time [Video]

A 100-year-old woman saw the ocean for the first time this month. Ruby Holt spent most of her life on a rural farm in Tennessee but earlier this month, just a few days before her 101st birthday, she took a trip to Orange Beach, Alabama, and looked out at the Gulf ...

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fsu shooting

FSU Shooting: Student Escapes Unharmed After Books Stop Bullet

One FSU student narrowly escaped death last night when a bullet was stopped by the books in his backpack. Jason Derfuss was at the Strozier Library when a gunman opened fire. Three students were injured in the shooting before the gunman was killed by police. Derfuss would have been injured too, or possibly killed, ...



sad face mugshot photo

‘Sad Face’ Mugshot Goes Viral After Taco Bell Arrest

Gabriel Harris looks so sad in his mugshot that it's almost too depressing to laugh. Almost. Harris, 33, was arrested on Sunday night after he attempted to order from the Taco Bell drive-through in New Smyrna Beach, Florida. The restaurant wouldn't serve Harris and when he refused to leave they called ...