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KFC’s Zinger Double Down King Is No Bun, All Meat

Do you remember the Double Down? KFC's "sandwich" with two pieces of fried chicken as bread? Well, that's practically a vegetarian option compared to the Zinger Double Down King. The KFC Double Down featured two pieces of chicken, a few slices of bacon, and some cheese. The Zinger Double Down ...

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Are Facebook Apps Keeping Track of More Than They Should?

Your privacy while you use your smartphone has become even more of a hot button issue over the course of this year — and it seems like Facebook might be the next company to step into the firing lines. A Reddit user has found evidence that both the company's flagship app ...


mama june

Mama June Dating A Child Molester? TLC May Cancel ‘Honey Boo Boo’

Here Comes Honey Boo Boo fans were devastated last month when they found that Mama June and Sugar Bear were going their separate ways. Well, there's more bad news on the horizon. TLC could soon cancel the show because Mama June is reportedly dating a convicted child molester. TMZ reports that Mama ...


f-bombs for feminism

F-Bombs For Feminism: Little Girls Swear For A Good Cause [Video]

If you don't like to hear children swearing (reevaluate your lifestyle choices) definitely do not play this video. A group of girls, ages 6-13, have gotten dressed up like beautiful princesses and dropped some real truth and major f-bombs for feminism. They really get into it. Not because they get to ...



First Snapchat Ad Is A ‘Oija’ Movie Trailer

Snapchat has entered the advertising game. The social media company started showing advertisements to users over the weekends but Snapchat has a slightly different approach than Facebook and Twitter. Tech Crunch notes that the Snapchat ads (in this case, a trailer for the movie Oija) will show up in the Recent Updates section. Users are ...