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Choreographed Wedding Dance

Choreographed Wedding Dance Still Going Viral [Video]

About a month ago, a video surfaced the internet with every intention of gaining viral speed quickly. It is your classic choreographed wedding dance, but this time it is the new husband and his groomsmen who break it down. Since this video is still popping up on Facebook and spreading rapidly, ...

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#MarriedWomen Hashtag Is Full Of (Terrible) Marriage Advice

If you're looking for some relationship advice you should probably steer clear of the #MarriedWomen hashtag. Twitter has been mocking Tony Rapu, who calls himself a "Husband, Father, Pastor, Medical Doctor, Mentor, and Reformer" on his Twitter page, for using the #MarriedWomen hashtag to dole out bits of wisdom to women. If ...



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‘Star Wars: Episode VII’ Plot Leak And X-Wing Video Drive Internet Crazy

The excitement around Star Wars: Episode VII reached fever pitch today as two huge pieces of information came to light. The first, an official video showing J.J. Abrams with a full-size X-Wing. The second, an unconfirmed leak that may reveal the plot details of the new movie. Let's start with the official business. Disney ...


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The trouble with crowd-funding

Unless you've been living under a rock for the past couple of years or so, you're probably aware of crowd-funding and how this supposedly phenomenal means to raise seed money can be a good thing for entrepreneurs. There have been early success stories, such as the Pebble smartwatch and the ...

What exactly is a disruption?

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Time and again, you may have heard of the term "disruption" or "disruptive", especially when discussions about startups are in place. A startup may be ...