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Bride Cuts Off Chastity Belt, Internet Turns It Into A Meme

Oh, the Internet. Random pictures become viral memes almost instantly, just give a few people a few minutes with Photoshop and BAM… Just like this latest photo of a bride cutting off her chastity belt during her wedding reception. We’re hoping that this is just a joke, because really who wears a chastity belt anymore? […]

McDonalds Nopes Out of ‘McWhopper’ Peace Talks with Burger King

It could have been so beautiful; could’ve been so right. Yesterday, Burger King extended the olive branch to rival fast-food giant McDonald’s — they set up an open letter and a video proposing the create the epic “McWhopper” — a hybrid burger of the Big Mac and the Whopper  — to celebrate Peace Day on […]

Portrait of Vladimir Putin as Simpsons Character Stolen from Gallery

A portrait of Russian President Vladimir Putin as a Simpsons character was stolen from a Moscow business center on Tuesday.   ladimir Putin is many different things to many different people. The polarizing politician has sparked debate and curiosity at home and abroad. Love him or hate him, he’s an icon of Russia’s modern history. […]

WDBJ Shooter Still Alive After Suicide Attempt

UPDATE, 3:35pm: WDBJ7 has confirmed the shooter has died in the hospital.   BREAKING: The former WDBJ employee who shot and killed a reporter and cameraman on live TV has survived a suicide attempt, contrary to previous reports that he was dead.  ROANOKE, Virginia — Vester Lee Flanigan, also known as Bryce Williams, shot and killed a reporter […]